twenty twoooo-ooo? Let's go with twenty niiiii-iine!

Dear Taylor Swift,

Though I appreciate the beats for sure, I do NOT feel 22.  You see, my birthday is today.  And I actually quite definitely feel 29.  That leaves a 7 year deficit to be accounted for.  Yes, dear sweet 5 foot 11 inch princess, dressing up "like a hipster" is fun.  I am from East Nashville and can most definitely jive with the style.  I however cannot quite afford to partake of the hipster attitude.  At 29 I celebrate being cautious and having discernment at the expense of being cool.  Yes, I would like to go out dancing, but I can't "ditch the whole scene" & "forget the deadlines."  In fact, that is most definitely out of the question with a toddler and a 5+ month baby bump -- being in the scene is my job.  

Don't feel sorry for me.  I'm thankful to not have exes to make fun of.  I'm more than grateful to not be "confused, and lonely at the same time" or feel the twangs of having "magical & miserable" nights.    I'm glad to be 29 and not 22.  

22 was a good year for me.  I got married!  We traveled.  We started our home together.  We spent the summer visiting friends and getting our first pet.  I wore short dresses and tall shoes.  I got too much sun.  I learned to like good beer.  I played lots of games.  My bills were minimal.  Date nights were every night.  It was a good year.  I'm glad you seem to be enjoying yours, too.

I tell you what though, each year since 22 has just gotten better.  All different, but all better than the last.  Even with all the ever adding bills, and changes, and responsibilities.  I have no doubt 29 will be better still.  

So maybe I won't stay up all night tonight and tease all the jealous men who "want to know me," and "fall in love with strangers" but I will celebrate life tonight.  I will dance.  I'll take tums before I go to bed because baby H's constant kicking is giving me heart burn.  I will fall more in love with the man who is the farthest thing from a stranger to me.    I will wipe M's snot on my pant leg & get teary eyed listening to her say her ABC's even though she thinks the first three letters are AEO.  I do feel "happy and free."  There is no "miserable" about it.  29, already, is just "magical."

So when you sing in my headphones, "I don't know about you...?"  This is my answer: NO, I don't feel twenty twwoooooo-ooo.  But throw a smile my way, because I'm actually pretty excited about that.  

Happy Birthday to me,


thankful to my friends at for sponsoring my birthday post! wish I had known to look there for my wedding gown back when I was 22! some real deals & steals!


  1. i already commented on twitter, but happy early bday!!! :)

  2. What a fun post idea. Well said. aaaand HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (From somebody else who turns 29 this year.) 22 was fun, but each year has gotten progressively better!

  3. I'm right there with ya...though I would say the same about turning 28 today! So much LIFE to be thankful for :) Love you, Blair and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  4. happy happy birthday hun!! hope you have an amazing day and year!!!

  5. Happy birthday - life really does keep getting better, huh?

  6. what a fabulous post. I don't feel 22... I'm 26... ha... but that doesn't mean i'm not loving life where i'm at.

    happy birthday wonderful lady!

  7. Happy Birthday Blair! I hope you have a great day!

  8. Every time I hear that song I think similar thoughts. Happy Birthday!

  9. What a fabulous post!?! You nailed this one. :) And happy belated, Blair.


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