things that go BUMP in the night

Blouse: Lottie via stitchfix // maternity dark denim skinny jeans c/o Isabella Oliver

earrings & ring c/o Karen London Jewelry //  clogs: lotta from stockholm // bump: 18ish weeks
things of note: 1. Yes, I really am that white. 2. That is someone's fence about a 1/2 mile from mi casa

Exciting past week in baby bump land!!  Lots of kicking -- even David got to feel the kicks!  I can't exactly remember how early I felt M kick, but it seems a bit earlier this time since David can already feel it too.  This pregnancy is definitely going a bit different.  Probably mostly because I'm already aware of what things are / what things feel like.  For instance... I've already had a few braxton hicks!  Didn't have those until at least 30 weeks last time (that I'm aware of).  Another weird thing about this pregnancy is that I have some sort of heart arrhythmia -- skip a beat + extra big beats... Not all day long, but several times a day!  My doctor said its a fairly normal pregnancy symptom, but I never had it with M.  Nothing to be alarmed about, but it is slightly annoying and sometimes unsettling.  Any of you mommas have anything like that?  Was there anything y'all found you could do to make it better or happen less frequently?

On another note... as soon as I found out I was pregnant I set out to find some quality maternity clothes that I knew I could enjoy for a long time.  I stumbled upon ISABELLA OLIVER and fell in love with so many of their pieces.  I really felt like I was seeing quality garments that weren't sacrificing style in order to accomodate baby bumps.  (can anyone please tell me why so many maternity stores only sell cargo pants and big flowery peasant tops w/o any regards to trends & classics???)  All that to say, I knew I needed a great pair of jeans for this season of growing a bump.  I love these jeans.  I picked out a pair this go around that has the underbelly band.  I hated last pregnancy that my dark jeans had a band that came all the way up to my chest.  For one, it was HOT, and two... you could see it through light tops.  Not cool.  Underbelly is the way to go for me + I find it more comfortable and helps hold my belly up!

The blouse I'm wearing above is a silk top from STITCH FIX that I'm keeping.  Although, I've never owned silk, so I'm kinda scared (and think I may already have stained it? how do you wash these things?).  Here's the rest of my loot (sorry for the iphone pics):

Tart Diego Emipre-Waist Cross Front Dress // Mystree Jacob Striped Kinit Sleeveless Dress  
Matty M Aven Dot Oversized Button-Up Blouse  // Betty Carre Wavy Circle Gold Earrings

I think I'll keep the Tart dress -- although the belly makes it even shorter, so it is more of a tunic that needs leggings.  The middle dress is super cute, but does not work with a belly having the cord around the stomach.  The blouse would work, but too hot.  What ya think? (p.s. sign up for stitch fix here)

xoxo lovelies!

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  1. you are adorable!!! soo fun to feel the kicking!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. You look SO cute!! I love this outfit and your hair is so adorable!!! xo

  3. ahh so fun to feel the kicking! that has been my favorite part. I've experience the heart palps too, my doc advised just to set your mind on something else and work on your breathing but that it's normal! xox

  4. you are precious my friend, I heart you!

  5. Love the outfit! I have 2 silk tops and have to dry clean them. :( Maybe there's a nifty way to do it at home (throw it in a bag for the washer or something) but I don't know it and have to pay moola to get them pretty again.

    I was talking w/a friend who's 30 weeks and she was telling she's been feeling 'cramps' for weeks, where they're (I guess contractions) but she said really horrible period cramps that last about 10 seconds. its her first so its all new for her.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  6. Love the outfit! I just recently signed up with stitch fix too! So far I've been happy with my fixes :)

  7. i used to use these dryel bags in the dryer at home for dry-clean only items. i don't know if they still make those, but it's worth a try!

    you look great in blue, my friend!

  8. Oh! I love all of them! I do like that shirt, but I think you're right in that it might be a little hot. Good choices, as per usual and lovely photos of you.

  9. Ooh, lovin' the silk top - extra points for my fave summer color! And the shoes! Glad I got to see them, they are lovely... they look comfy, yes? I myself want to keep style despite a bump, someday, so thanks for the inspiration! Ideas tucked away for later... ;)


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