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Oh, praise JESUS for Spring weather!!  Here's what we are up to and into lately (I'll leave you to decipher which goes to which family member):

shop my closet sale 
adding on to our house
a new purpose project video
feature in Bearings Magazine
blowing lots and lots of bubbles
making churros, but thinking I might give up sugar
waiting for "gender day" to roll around (4/24)
nonstop talking and forming more words
cleaning out our overstuffed attic
family walks and bikerides
obsessing over curious george
linking up w/ carissa
waiting for these to arrive at the doorstep
feeling completely blessed!

second pic #thewayiseeyouchallenge w/ Kate & Kuby


  1. Bearings is so neat--great find! I love a good baby photo (:

    1. thanks Hannah! we loved the article!! helps that one of our friends who loves us well is a freelance writer! ;)

  2. Love all your updates and your pictures are always beautiful! :)

    1. xoxo Liesl! I wish i got my camera out more. the nice weather is good motivation!

  3. churros? ohhh man I need to make those.

    also, i always say I'm going to give up sugar and it literally happens for a day. haha oh well :)

  4. Beautiful photos.
    You Churro and sugar bit made me think about balance... Likely not what you were going for, but it did. :)


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