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Crazy Fun Group Giveaway // Omega Juicer

This is no April Fools Joke!... I am so excited to start the week off with a super fun giveaway! I've collaborated with a group of fabulous bloggers to giveaway an Omega J8004 Nutrition Center to one lucky duck!

Not into juicing you say? What about making fresh salsa, homemade pasta or your own peanut butter? The possibilities are endless with this little gem and can't imagine a more perfect prize as we are entering the season of fresh produce and veggies! 

mandatory entry: leave a comment below letting us know a meal or dish you prepared that didn't turned out as planned.
(basically a recipe you butchered or one that left you disappointed)

for EASY additional entries: use the rafflecopter below!

(additional entries are a great way to increase your chances of winning this awesome prize)

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  1. So fun! A dish I've made that didn't turn out as I expected... that could be a lot of the things I've attempted :) I have to say that one time I tried to make a baked potato soup, but it really ended up more like mashed potatoes... not appetizing, ha!

  2. a soup recipe i found on pinterest that had a ton of repins so i thought it would be delish... it was horrid. i can't even remember what kind of soup it was because it had no taste. i removed it from my pin board immediately!

  3. I am seriously horrible at EVERYTHING! It's really bad...even something as simple as a tuna sandwich.

  4. yes, please!! oh man, i get so upset when i screw a dish up. last one i remember is ice cream cookie sandwiches. the cookies were made with oat flour and they did not hold together. wah wah.

  5. I tried making a mushroom kugel out of the Joy of Cooking. I didn't (still don't) even know what a kugel is. Whatever happened, it was this leathery rubbery stuff that smelled HIDEOUS. I couldn't even get it out of the glass baking dish, which eventually, after a week of soaking and washing, had to be thrown away.

    We could also talk about all the attempts at vegan cooking in college, when I just assumed that one could cook tofu as one cooks meat...but that's just too sad.

  6. I attempted making Eggplant Parmesan and it did not turn out at all. The breading did not turn out crisp and the flavor was bland.

    Katie Roch
    instigram @katie6678

  7. Love that y'all are doing this! My biggest failures are always crock pot related. Either my crockpot is a failure or I am. I'd prefer to believe the former :)

  8. A few nights ago I attempted Fettuccine Alfredo. I over cooked the pasta, and burnt the chicken... Epic FAIL! It was pretty terrible and ended up in the trash.

  9. What an amazing giveaway! My latest failure is super embarrassing. I was boiling a pot of water for pasta, left the room and forgot about it! Oy vey. The water burnt the bottom of the pan. I scrubbed it for days! And learned my lesson big time.

  10. My worst cooking experiment was using leftover pork chops in enchiladas - no bueno :(

  11. My worst was chicken and dumplings that I boiled too long so a lot of the broth boiled away and it was SUPER, SUPER salty! It tasted soooo bad!
    P.S. So excited for this give away. Actually hoping to win it for a friend who wants it worse than I do.

  12. tried to make tilapia with mango salsa as the main addition. ended up with no flavor!

  13. Been trying to eat more "Paleo" style lately and tried a "pale-friendly" pizza a few weeks ago... Frankly, you just can't compete with real pizza crust. I was a little disappointed with the outcome...and my stomach wasn't too happy with it either!

  14. I'm a pretty okay cook and I've been baking since I could reach the counter standing on a chair. I grew up in Scandinavia where cooking and baking was very much just a part of every day life. However there's no mexican food.. When my husband and I were still just dating we went to dinner at my in laws for burritos. Everyone wanted me to go first, but I didn't really have clue what went where so I just put a little scoop of everything on my plate and grabbed the tortilla on the side.. which I by the way to this day still accidentally refer to as pancakes. Also the Magic Bullet.. had to have it. I don't think a single one of the recipes I tried looked anything like they did on TVshop. I was so disappointed! fingers crossed .. this would seriously be such an awesome win!
    ** also commented on alittleartsy blog+ bits of splendor blog (hope that's ok ?)

  15. Well, I don't follow every recipe exactly, I'm more of a dash here, a dash there kind of girl. So I mess recipes up all the time! When I first starting cooking in 4th grade, I used to put cayenne on everything to spice things up a bit. Lol Finally, my grandfather pulled aside my mom & asked her to ask me not to put so much hot stuff in the soup! Lol

  16. We made a quinois dish that went so wrong that I haven't used quinois since. It was horrible.

  17. I tried to make this pudding dessert and put way too much milk in it. It was more like a melted milkshake!

  18. when I was a brand newly wed girl I was trying to make my mom's homemade mac n cheese. somehow flour ended up all over me and the whole kitchen and cheese was dripping from the ceiling. I was crying in the middle of the kitchen floor when John got home from work! hahaha So funny now!! ;)

  19. I have made a stirfry and the beef was hard as shoe leather and the sauce was not very tastey either :(
    ladybugcda (at) hotmail (dot) com

  20. I attempted to make a chocolate pecan pie. the top was so burned, and the inside was so runny. it was awful. my aunt always made it for holidays and the first holiday I wasn't able to go home I attempted to make it myself.

  21. It was a strange thought that I had. Make mashed potatoes in a blender. Needless to say, the result was not only strange but very very runny. No surprise, he ate his anyways!

  22. I tried to make fish in oven... wouldn't have been bad but the skin was still on one side and got really crispy/burnt. The house smelled for days... only fish on the grill OUTSIDE for us from now on!
    Thanks - Sarah Z
    believedreamcourage (at)

  23. when my husband and i were first married i tried to cook some soul food for him. the cabbage wasn't nearly done. it was a disaster!

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  24. I made meatloaf with doritos in it. Not good. very disgusting

  25. Do not try to fry wet potatoes with oil that is too hot on a gas stove. Almost burned down the kitchen.
    Instagram follow: slehan2
    FB like: Slehan

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com


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