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Bump Style // 17 Weeks

top: Everly via stitch fix // yellow cropped skinnies c/o Soon Maternity 
 cuff & earrings c/o Karen London Jewelry

Bump watch: 17 weeks 3 days.  Less than 2 weeks until we find out the gender & I can't wait.  I have a feeling of what I think it is, but don't like speaking about it out loud incase I'm wrong.  I want to keep myself just as excited about the possibility of either gender as possible.  The more I daydream about it in one way, the harder that is to do.  Any of y'all experience that when wondering about the gender?  Of course I will be blessed and excited and over the moon either way -- but the not knowing makes me a bit nuts.  

This is the exact outfit I wore Easter Sunday (although I just took these pics yesterday), but Easter was wet and grey so pictures never happened.  I opted out of the typical white or floral traditional holiday dress and just went straight for pants and a comfortable blouse and don't regret it one bit.  Quite festive enough I should think!  Maybe even Easter egg-ish?

I can still fit some not maternity pants, but I'm kind of at the point of "why bother?"  I'm way more comfortable in maternity pants, even if I do have to yank them up every once in a while.  And these yellow skinnies make it all the more tempting to just make the switch to a maternity wardrobe.  I mean know colored pants were just about as popular two years ago... but I just couldn't find stuff like this during my first pregnancy -- I mean am I right?  

So glad to have found Soon Maternity -- so many great statement and staple pieces that I loved and have been thrilled to get to try.  If you are expecting, expect to love them too!  Check them out:  shop  ||  facebook  ||  twitter  ||  instagram.

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  1. you are beautiful!! love the pastel colors!!

  2. I wore the same color shirt on Easter but with blue pants. First time for me going outside of the Easter dress/skirt route

  3. Adorable!!! and you. Yep.

  4. you are so darned cute!! your hair is growing! it's adorable!!

  5. So cute, love the pastel colors and polka dots!

  6. You are adorable!!! Finding out the gender is such an exciting moment! Visiting from all the linkups! :)

  7. You are the absolute cutest person on the face of the earth. :)

  8. You are looking just BEAUTIFUL and truly rocking the baby bump! LOVE mint and yellow together on, so cute!!! <3

  9. The yellow pants are great. Haven't heard of Soon Maternity, but I'll check out the site!
    My favorite maternity pants are from Ann Taylor. Aren't you glad there are options these days? Twenty years ago, I think you basically had to wear super baggy stuff and gigantic tunics all the time. :)

    My blog is baby related stuff (I'm at 32 weeks), and I have a little section of maternity outfits. It doesn't QUITE compare to this bright, delightful style, but maybe you'll appreciate it!

  10. This entire outfit is just one big YES. You look beautiful. And love how the hair is growing out - the current style is fresh! ... Which isn't always easy when growing it out ;)

    xoxo J

  11. You look beautiful! I've just had my baby but you can check out my maternity style on my blog : )


  12. you look AMAZING!!!!!! i love this look, soo so much!!

  13. this is a wonderful look blair! you are glowing and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes with it!

  14. Found your blog via Tres Chic Mama. Thanks for introducing Soon Maternity. And congratulations! I'm 15 weeks along and back to maternity posts for my second time around. I look forward to following along with your simply adorable style!

    Teal In Motion

  15. you are so cute! i love this outfit on you!!

  16. I'm so happy to have found your blog through Tres chic mama. I'm also expecting, at almost 16 weeks now. This outfit is extremely cute and so appropriate for the season. And thank you for sharing about soon maternity. Will definitely check them out because I'm really "needing" cute maternity jeans.


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