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New from the Studio

I'm so excited to share with you the latest news to come out of McLeod Art Studios!  Over the last couple months my artist husband, David Bruce McLeod, has been creating and producing an instructional documentary of the process of a portrait.  From start to finish, painting from a live model, he takes you through a complete portrait sketch explaining his technique, use of tools, as well as art definition and instruction that comes into play.  True to style, David has put his own spins into this short film that make it more entertaining than your run of the mill instructional videos -- I love the music and camera angles.  He put so much of himself into this and I couldn't be more proud.  

The youtube video at the top of this post is a sneak peak "trailer" and is actually the first four minutes of the full video.  It gives you a great taste of what you can expect and, in my opinion, leaves you wanting more.  

The full length video was recently released for a purchasable download on the studio website.  You can also pre-order a dvd that contains bonus material and extended footage.

I'm so excited for David to share himself and his skills so openly like this.  I think he is a brilliant artist, a patient teacher, and super fun guy to be around.  Combine that with any interest you have in fine arts and you really can't pass it up.

Love this man.


  1. that's so awesome! happy for him. his work is amazing!

    grace & love,

    1. Kristyn, thank you so much for your sweet encouragement. i'm pretty pumped and happy for him too! ;)

  2. His talent just blows me away! "All you must do is mix the right colors and put them on the canvas." uh huh, oh AND be a paint master.

    1. Anna you crack me up!! i know though -- it is kind of like math or latin to me... a language or equation i just don't get. BUT i love watching him make perfect sense of it all! thank you!

  3. Dang girl, you have one talented hubby!! My goodness! What a cool project!


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