His & Her Sunglasses for Spring & Summer

All glasses found on smartbuyglasses.com.

I'll be honest -- most of my sunglasses come from Target -or- if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll look for a deal from tjMax.  As a contact wearer I wear sunglasses everyday if even the littlest bit of sun because my eyes seem to tire quickly (are you with me on this?).  So it really seems time to start expanding my sunglasses horizons.  I love exploring new glasses shapes, shades, and brands.  And I aspire to owning more than a $20 pair!   My husband on the other hand... he can't be trusted.  He is notorious for loosing and breaking sunglasses about every two months!  However, I do wonder if I bought him a nice pair if maybe he would hold on to them better??

I had a lot of fun checking out the website of Smart Buy Glasses -- they have designer eye glasses, sunglasses, and sell contacts too.  Basically they have your eyes covered!!  Plus, I love when retailers have virtual try on mirrors -- super fun.  This site has some great brands that I'd love to try like Ray Ban, Persol, Carrera, & Miu Miu.  I'd heard of Ray Ban before obviously, but not the others.  I'm really loving their looks though.  

A pair of these might just be appearing on my birthday wish list... (end of May people, get ready -- wink wink).

What about y'all?  Are you good with keeping up with sunglasses?  Do you splurge or stick with the cheaper ones?  Any bands you are jonesin' to try?

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  1. Oh, I am so on board with you! In Colorado, the sun shines - brightly! - almost every day, so shades are a must. And they are as important an accessory as the earrings I choose ;) I don't need to wear them as much here in PA, sadly, but I still love a good pair of shades. Thanks for sharing the link, I'll have to check it out :)

  2. i totally agree--the sun dries out my contacts super fast or something. i have a cheapo pair i got at the dollar store that look like fake classic ray-bans for the beach, and then a nicer pair for everyday wear. great ideas! happy weekend :)

    grace & love,

  3. Most of mine come from Target, too, though I recently purchased a pair from TJ Maxx...sometimes I buy them, get them home and realize I don't like them as much in natural light...oh the joys of finding the perfect pair! :)

  4. Very cute sunglasses I personally love the red ones :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

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  6. i want some prada cat's eye sunglasses!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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