Florals Stripes Maxis & Bumps Oh My!

floral cardigan c/o Tulle  //  stripe maxi, belt, & jade ring c/o Conversation Pieces  // bump: 14weeks 3 days

Woohoo!! So excited that the cat is out of the bag! (by the way, where did that weird phrase come from and why does it mean what it means??!)  I have tried to avoid full on outfit post the last few weeks as I have just completely felt it impossible to hide the bump.  A doctor at church who has three kids herself hypothosized to me that you show faster with each consecutive birth because your "muscles remember what to do and just get to it."  I'm thinking so far that that is for sure true.  What about you mommas of multiples?  Agree?  Did you show faster?

In addition to showing faster I've also been sicker.  I'm for sure over the hump, but those first few weeks were just the pits.  Tired beyond belief, nauseous  dizzy, and down right depressing.  I just wasn't like that with M.  But we've made it through. Thank you sweet sweet Jesus!  We're feeling great and I've enjoyed actually being conscious about eating healthfully and exercising this time.  Last time I kind of took a break from all that.  Plus, I was so afraid of everything that exercise scared me.  This time it is such a nice release and such a literal breath of fresh air.  Good for my bones.  Good for baby's bones.  

Now that I'm not hiding the bump, I'm having fun showing it off.  Maxi dresses and skirts will be the name of the game this go around.  So comfortable and I still get to stay in trend this spring/summer.  What's also great is that although I will be adding some maternity cut maxi's to my wardrobe, there are a lot of maxi's that I can still wear that aren't maternity.  Especially skirts pulled up high over the bump. Love that look!  I have a whole pinterest board of favorite "dress the bump" looks.  Check it out here.

Last little note for the day --  If you haven't checked out Tulle yet, head on over there asap!  I was first introduced to them trough Stitch Fix and quickly fell in love.  "Vintage inspired modern clothing"... what's not to love about that!  So many great cuts, textures, and patterns.  They have quickly become one of my favorite new retailers.  I think you'll love them too -- Check them out on twitter & facebook!


  1. you look beautiful! I love the maxi dress worn to show off your cute little bump!! I can't wait for warm weather so I can wear mine!!

  2. How beautiful are you!? So excited for another addition to the family...can't wait to "meet" this little one :)

  3. What a glowing momma! I love this floral cardi - it's perfect for spring and you look beautiful!

  4. That is so great! Congratulations, Blair!!

  5. LURVE! Oh, you are such a beautiful pregnant lady. So graceful.

    I have no idea about growth of babies, but I think you look perfect.

  6. you look so precious! congrats by the way :)

    grace & love,

  7. Congratulations! You dress your bump beautifully in the floral/stripe mix. Love it!

    Found you via Dress for the Day. Find me at http://greenandgorgeous.net

  8. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting! Loving the look!

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  9. You look fantastic! Congratulations!

  10. "Tired beyond belief, nauseous...I just wasn't like that with M."

    Are you sure you haven't re-written history?

    So...what's your sense on the sex of #2? And Jessica's? (H-m-m-m...I think you are going to have a girl and Jessica's going to have a boy.)

  11. AHHHH, you are so cute!! Love you and that crazy awesome baby bump! + Yes, you show faster with more kids. I begin to show before I even take the test.

  12. congratulations! you look marvelous and so happy!

  13. you look great Blair! the growing-out-pixi looks darling. and is it weird that your pinterest board makes me want to be pregnant... yeah, i thought so. lets pretend that didn't happen.

    1. Thanks cbell!! I am HATING the process if growing it out! Lol

  14. What a darling cardigan! You are beautiful!


  15. You look beautiful! Great cardigan, dress, everything! :)

  16. You look fantastic, Blair, with such an effortless beauty and are glowing being pregnant again...you wear it so well! :)

  17. You look so great, Blair! I think you're right about the bump growing faster the second time - my friends who've had more than one baby kept telling me that, because it has taken me so long to grow a bump with this first baby.

    Good for you for exercising and eating healthy - it really does help, doesn't it! Hoping your pregnancy continues relatively uneventfully :)


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