¿que hay en mi bolso?

I love my Cuore & Pelle bag c/o Style Mined.  It is the perfect size.  Not so small that I have to be picky about the contents and not so big that things get lost.  Perfect amount of pockets + zips shut + has optional shoulder strap + a pretty mustard color?  Yes, please.

I love "what's in my bag?" posts.  Usually they are part of some link party or something, but no... there isn't one, I just felt like doing one.  While I hate cleaning -- I love cleaning people's purses.  I love them nice and organized (I won't lie, my receipts and gum wrappers can pile up sometimes though).  Growing up I would always ask my mom and my friends if I could clean their purses.  I guess it should be no wonder that my daughters most favorite thing to do is go through my purse and take everything out one by one by one and then put it back it.

Here's what's in my bag:

1.  Spare diaper.  I don't always cary a diaper bag with me if its a quick trip so I keep a spare in my purse and in my glove compartment.
2.  Favorite sunglasses from Oasap.com
3.  Just got this recently and love it.  Lavendar hand creme from L'Occitane
4.  For the Lips:  EOS lip balm.  Um, Amazing stuff.  Get you some at your drug store, or amazon, or from your mother-in-law (that's where i got mine).  For some subtle color I love my Aveda lipstick.  "Lychee splash" is the shade.
5.  As mentioned -- random papers/reciepts/gum wrapers/spare change/etc.
6.  Spare "Pouch" as we call them.  These solve all problems in our house.
7.  earphones.  and can i please take a minute to thank Apple for finally getting the earbuds right.  i have tiny ears and they have never fit until now... so thank you Apple for thinking of me.
8.  Stitch Fix nail file. (they used to send little gifts, though not as of late?? & side note - my shirt is via stitch fix)
9.  phone.  of course. (iphone 5 w/ incipio case)
10.  My hobo.  Favorite wallet of ALL time.  I put this in my purse or my diaper bag or carry as a clutch.  The best.  Well worth the money.
11.  Little notebook for quick notes at church or journaling.
12.  Calendar.  Yes I have iCalendar and all that jazz, but my brain still needs to see everything on paper all in one visible place to really sink in and remember.  

So... there you have it.  What's in my bag.  Feel free to throw up a post about your bag too and come back and tell me if you did... cause you know I'm for real dying to know...



  1. What a fab bag!!!

    Just love // kelly

  2. I just recently started going on quick trips sans diaper bag (but with a diaper in my purse) and I felt so FREEEEEEEEEE!!! Glad to know I'm not a alone :)

  3. love these posts too but I'd have to do a cleaning overhaul first!!!!

  4. I am right there with you.. I love a nicely organized purse!


  5. What a beautiful bag!
    I love mustard/yellow things right now.


  6. The color of your bag is stunning! Bright and happy but a nice modern shape! It is very organized too, I wish I could keep my bags better organized, whats your secret?!

  7. You have the best style! And I love how you shared what's in your bag just cuz. That's awesome and so fun!

  8. Hobo wallets for life! Seriously - the best ever!

  9. Love, love, love your bag and that pop of yellow color...so fun!!! :) Happy Hearts Day to you and your beautiful family! <3

  10. Loving that hobo wallet! Too cute, girl!
    xo TJ

  11. you are so neat. classic purse heh :)


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