these are a few of my favorite things

warm wooly mittens
L.L. Bean duck boots
black coffee (this is a new phenomenon to me -- i was a flavored creams girl)
watching M play with her dolls like they are real babies
orange juice thats half pulp
Les Mis
Holland House
my oversized patagonia fleece
girl trips to D.C. (3 weeks away!)

what about you? what are you swooning over currently?

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  1. I agree with 1, 5, 6 and a girls weekend sounds heavenly! sigh. my favorites right now are Earl Grey tea, yogurt and blackberries, stealing hugs from my 18 month old in grocery store aisles.

  2. I also like to chew my orange juice.

    Also... a trip to DC?! Just a few weeks earlier and we could have met up while I was home. One day. Have a blast! :)

  3. Sounds pretty good to me! Well, except for the black coffee part, I'm not quite there yet.

  4. L.L. Bean Duck boots...definitely one of my favorites. My mom gave me a pair of hers a couple of years ago. They were practically brand new at the time and I have worn them over and over. With my job, I sometimes work in a high school, and I always get asked about those shoes from some of the kids...they think they look vintage...makes me feel pretty cool..ha! The only thing I need to go with them is one of the old Jeep Wagoneers complete with woodgrain.

  5. Les Mis, Les Mis. I had no idea what I was getting into! I really loved how redemptive the story line is.


  6. Oh! I just swooned today big time! Will have to link up!

  7. Yes, those are absolutely the best sort of mittens!

  8. I want to see Les Mis too and I really want to buy the Mandy stool for my house, you can see it in here
    The Duck boots are beautiful! I'm adding those to the list of things I want now ;)

  9. Your DC trip sounds like so much that city, and what a great one for the gals! Love your list...I think I should put one together, too! :)


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