No more long distance

It's been a while since I shared any part of my/our love story.  I've posted about how we metour first date, and our engagement, but today I stumbled upon some fun pictures of when we finally lived in the same town.  An exciting time!  

We had dated long distance (6 hrs difference) for two years.  I'm a school year ahead of David (only a little over 2 months older in age) and after I graduated I planned to move closer to my then boyfriend and work while he finished school at Vanderbilt.  The summer after graduation, we both did our own things.  I interned at the Boys and Girls club, he traveled Europe with his brother.  Plans were already set for me to live with a girlfriend I had graduated with in an apartment outside of Nashville.  By the time moving day arrived, we were already happily engaged.  And so began the crazy season of living in the same city and being newly engaged.  August of 2006 - March of 2007 when we wed.

Man those are some baby faces! I mean, so hard to look at that face and think I had just graduated from college.  Who let me graduate?  Just a baby!  Anywhoo... I digress.

After dating long distance and seeing each other on average about once every 3 weeks (sometimes we went as long as 5 or 6 weeks) being in the same city was crazy.  Well... I was in Franklin and he was in Nashville -- but basically the same.  A 15/20 minute drive vs. 6hrs?  Yes please.

It was a weird adjustment.  I wanted to spend every minute of the day with him.  He was still in school. I had only a few friends.  He had all his college best friends and roommates.  Plus the season of engagement is just supper hard I think.  The already and the not yet kind of deal.  But it was so so sweet and fun to get to spend that time together before we got married.  To do "normal" couple stuff.  To not spend hours on the phone.  To not spend hours in the car.  To get to say "I Love you" every time i saw him (we waited until we were engaged to say it).  To not say goodbye after 36 hours.  Preparing for a wedding together.  Such a great season.

Loved him so much then.  Love him more now.  


  1. We found some old college photos the other day too and had the same reaction - we were practically infants! Such a cute post :)

  2. So sweet! and hooray for jumping pics!!!!

  3. We waited to say "i love you" till we were engaged too. Engagements are such a fun yet hard season!

  4. Adorable baby faces!!!!! Amazing how fast the years fly by huh???

  5. too precious!! I understand the long distance thing - we were 4 hours apart until 6 months AFTER our wedding day!! haha Now that was some crazy right there!!

  6. You too look lovely. I could not live without my buddy either so I totally understand !

  7. Awww, I love this!!! It is always so much for to get a peek inside relationships, especially those of people I've gotten to know in blogland, like you, so wonderful! You are both adorable and I love that you shared this with us, thank you!!! :)


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