Living Worship

Notes from my reading this week.  Some really good stuff on worship...

"We send money and offer prayer and sit with a lonely neighbor, in Jesus' name.  We wait for love, we long for home, we pour out our hearts and hopes and fears and longing; we create with words and photos and colors and food, all beautiful acts of worship.
But we don't call it that.
We call those things living.  But when the Spirit of the living God lives inside of you, then your living is also your worship."  -- epf

"Free women respond with worship in everything.  It is a natural outpouring of thankfulness and awareness of love and grace and truth.  It isn't mustered up; it flows out." -emily p. freeman

{grace for the good girl, #thesamepage}


  1. I love that! To breathe it truly means to live it. Love love love that!

  2. Such good and encouraging thoughts here! If only I could take such pretty notes, though... hmmm... :-)

  3. Living is worship - I love that.

  4. breath in air ~ exhale worship
    love you

  5. i absolutely love this. what great insight, i had never thought about "living" like that. totally changes my perspective on everything i do from here on out!


  6. What a lovely reminder that our daily mundane tasks are worship, too... Breath of fresh air, thank you :)
    xoxo J


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