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it's in the bag

trinity ring c/o karen london jewelry //  cuore & pelle bag c/o style mined // watch fossil

New Year's Day here in these parts was a bit dreary w/ a constant drizzle.  I had plans to run, but eh -- undecorated the house instead.  Had plans to take outdoor outfit pictures, but eh -- but plan B instead.  And although as you can see, I didn't quite figure out proper lighting and blah blah blah, you now get to see (it it's fullness) my new chalkboard wall.  It's right outside our kitchen and so much fun.  D did it all himself.  It's magnetic and awesome.  Plans for some framed pictures above the wainscoting and the outside of the board still needs to be trimmed.  But yea, pretty thrillllllled about it.

I'm also really thrilled about my new bag.  It arrived the day before we headed out to celebrate Christmas with the family.  Woohoo Merry Christmas bag to me! I love it.  Don't let the size of this bag deceive you.  It is like Mary Poppin's bag - I could fit a coat rack in this thing, but yet, still not loose my keys in it.  It even has a zippered expandable bottom if you realllly need to throw some extra stuff in.  The best.  Love the gold hardware on the black leather.  Love the short & long handle  You'll be seeing more of it I'm sure!  

Also -- on the subject of bags, its been a while since I've done one (or seen one), would anyone be interested in doing a "Whats in my Bag" link up?  Last time I did one was way before I had a kiddo and the "usual contents" of my bag have changed quite a bit!  Let me know if a link up sounds fun to you.



  1. Love it! I just picked a new bag up too...I think I like it. It has a short handle and long. It's the perfect size. The only thing I'm not crazy about is that it seems pretty casual. I'll get used to it though!

    WIMB link up would be fun! I have never done one of those posts, but I love reading them.

  2. Heck yeah I'd do a link up! Contents would include a jar of peanut butter and a whole lot of receipts, but could be so fun to see what others are sharing, too!

  3. I really like the chalkboard detail! I'm in need of a new bag, my little purse is getting pretty beat down haha but I would LOVE to do a link up! You'll see lots of wrinkled recipes, lip gloss, cards, and whatever haha.

  4. I'm a big fan of short hair — and yours looks great on you! Cute polka dress too :)

  5. I loooove the chalkboard wall - would love to have one someday when I am no longer a renter :)

    Loverly She

  6. Great look! Love the chalk board background!

  7. Yup - I'd be in if you do a link up. Also, peter pan collar perfection on that sweet dress!

  8. Love the brown with the dots, and peter pan collars are always my fave.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  9. Love this outfit! Huge fan of peter pan collars so anything with a ppc is a cute outfit by me! Also love the chalkboard in the back

    Summer x

  10. You look SO cute!! I love your Marry Poppins bag and your outfit is so darling (as is your hair!!)
    That chalkboard is so amazing!! The lettering is fantastic!!
    Happy new year friend!! xoxo

  11. That bag is beautiful :) Happiest New Year, Blair!


  12. That sweater is very cute! Great outfit!

  13. i just got a new purse too & would totally be in! :)

  14. I love the color of that sweater with your black and white polka dots. You are too cute for words my sweet blairita!

  15. ok, you are adorable. i love that dress, and what a bargain!! loving this look. happy new year blair!!

  16. That chalkboard wall is so fun! That bag looks like a good size too.

  17. Well, you had me at pixie cut!! I rock one too! I am stopping by via the link up at Pleated Poppy!

    I love your outfit and the bag is a win, win.

    Happy New Year.


  18. Cuteness, total cuteness, and I'm loving the fun polka-dots!!! :)

  19. My purse is beat up and in dire need of replacing, but I'd love to participate in a link up! :)

    That dress is lovely. Anything vintage-y is a-okay with me!

    Happy New Year, lovely lady!
    xoxo J

  20. Congrats on the clalk board and the bag! I don'tnow about you, but it takes me a looong time to get a new purse. I have to love it and it has to have all the right colors, compartments and space...not to mention price.


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