i'm here and there

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I'm so excited to be a contributing blogger for the Influence Network Blog (which you don't have to be a member to read).  Today I'm over there talking about "When blogging Hurts" -- talking about ways that blogging can be destructive in all areas of your life... some truths I've learned the hard way.

I'd love for you to hop over and check it out.  Hop on over to the recently launched influence network too and take a look around.  You'll find a great group of bloggers being in community together trough forums, online classes, downloads, and so much more.  

Also, hop over to the stitch fix blog.  I'm beyond bumped to be listed along side several fashionable blogging buddies as one of stitch fix's top 10 bloggers.  Oh how I love stitch fix and love sharing them with others.  And they are blowing up! If you've been thinking about signing up, I'd go ahead and jump in now.  They have a small waiting list, but the wait is worth it.  Sign up here.  Such a fun way to shop! (and eee! i get my next fix in a week! can't wait!)