eighteen for eighteen

1. M loves to chatter! Most used words/phrases: Up Please, Where did it go?, What's that?, Oscar, Momma, Dadda. She can also say all her aunts & uncles named + grandparents.
2. Magnolia has two baby dolls that she loves to swaddle and rock.  I did not teach her these things.
3.  Bath time is still a favorite part of the day.  She is getting more adventurous with laying down in the water on her back and tummy.
4.  Magnolia likes to sing.  Sometimes when we sing to her and stop, she'll start singing in our place.
5.  She can answer the first three questions of the children's Catechism:  Who Made you?- God.  What else did God make?- All Things.  Why did God Make you and all things? For his... Glory!  Sometimes when she is in hysterics these questions calm her down.
6. She climbs on everything.  From the couch to the changing table and back down with ease.
7. She reads to herself.  Turning pages and saying "words" out loud.
8.  Favorite books are Brown Bear Brown Bear and The Napping House.
9. 12 teeth including 5 molars.
10.  Has had 2 ear infections and one throw up bug in the last 18 months.
11.  Weighs just about 25 pounds.
12. Still rocks a mullet.
13.  Wearing size 18months.  Sometimes can still wear 12mo or 12-18mo.
14.  Really likes shoes.  Finds them and brings them to us.  Asking us to put them on and repeatings "shoes shoes shoes."
15.  Begs to brush her teeth.
16.  Loves church nursery and gets excited to go see her friends.
17.  Prays with us at dinner.  As soon as we all sit down she reaches out to grab our hands.
18.  Still doing cloth diapers -- though not at night and not when going to the nursery/travel.  We're pretty hybrid about it.

19. eighteen came way too quickly and I still have so much i could say about this little joy love!...


  1. It's amazing how fast they grow up. My niece cuddles and shushes her baby dolls to sleep too, I think she copied those actions from her mamma.

  2. Such big girl things already! Sweet!


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