be merry

boots c/o bait footwear  //  ring + chain bracelet c/o karen london  //  watch: fossil
{linking up w/ @thepleatedpoppy #wiww}

Some things you should know --
1. it was really cold out when i took these pictures
2. I've worn these boots everyday for the past week
3. I kinda have a combover going on in these photos
4. I got my mullet & side burns trimmed today like a real man
5.  this shirt is one of the most beautifully crafted shirts I have ever owned
7.  I may or may not have airbrushed something big and ugly off of my chin
8.  these ornaments were in my hand because its not like M will leave them on the tree anyway
9.  i'm still in the midst of my ugly cry after watching Parenthood
10.  these earrings are only $12.  let's be twins.
11.  we have officially survived our first toddler throw up bug

that is all.


  1. Those boots and blouse are very pretty. Hope the kiddo is feeling better now.

  2. Your so pretty friend! Congrats on making it through the first flu {yuck}

  3. Yay for boots you can wear over and over, affordable accessories, and for looking beautiful while freezing! :)

  4. That shirt is beautiful! You're adorable, Blair!


  5. I think I love those boots!!

    And I remove anything 'unsightly' from my chin every time (if need be). No shame in it. ;)

    Hope you don't have another run of the pukies anytime soon!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  6. oh that top is perfect! I loove the christmasy accessories!

  7. Love the combover. Love. Sorry sweet M has been sick, glad you made it through!

  8. Those boots and blouse look so pretty.Love you.Getting FREE Christmas Gifts Here,

  9. Those boots are awesome! Darling photo shoot:)


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