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Christmas this year is so much different than last.  Christmas w/ a 5 month old vs. Christmas with a 17 month old.  Crazy the difference a year will make.  If someone has a copy of "Christmas Trees with Toddlers for Dumbies,"  I could realllly use a copy.  I mean seriously?  What am I supposed to do with ornaments?  Is it a time out offense?  Do I just take away the temptation??  I'm just glad she hasn't tried to drink the sap water... yet.

Last year we got M a book for Christmas.  Thats it.  Just one book.  We aren't getting her all that much more this year, but it is fun now that she has developed likes and dislikes.  This girl has a strong affinity for a few things which have inspired this toddler shopping list.  Some of these items are just fun while others have the potential to turn into holiday traditions...


1. The Tale of the Three Trees & One Night in Bethlehem.  Two great, Christ centered, Christmas books that I highly suggest.  It was suggested to me by an experienced momma to get a new book each year at Christmas.  The books are packed up each year with the decorations.  Every Christmas rewrap the books and put them under the tree.  During Advent the kids can pick out a "book present" from under the tree each year.  They'll have fun trying to find their favorite ones and discovering new ones.   

2.  Fisher Price Little People Nativity.  It's a nativity / its a toy.  Win win.  M got one from her grandparents for Thanksgiving and she loves it.  It is indestructible, a great size for play, and a great tool for introducing the story of Jesus' birth.  

3.  Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets.  M loves animals.  She can imitate more animal noises than she can speak words.  She has also recently discovered the magic of magnets.  Combine those two things and we have hours of endless possibilities.  Play on your fridge, your chalk board, or a cookie sheet.  You're set.  Plus Melissa and Doug toys are just some of my favorites!

4.  Jellycat Stuffed Bear.  One of my favorite memories about getting the Christmas decorations down each year was pulling out my holiday bear.  This was a special bear that I only got during Christmas.  It head a scarf and mittens and always smelled like attic -- it was such a fun tradition.  Of course a Jellycat Bear would just be icing on the cake, they are my new favorite stuffed animal brand (and I consider myself a somewhat connoisseur) .  

5.  Rain for Roots & Cradle Rock.  There is something so amazing about the way the tiniest of kids respond to music.  M is old enough know that she literally points at the stereo and asks for music.  She immediately starts dancing & cooing along.  Music calms her when she is frantic.  These are my two favorites.

Rain for Roots is a beautiful album of songs about Jesus and God's promises.  All the lyrics are by the same woman who wrote the Jesus Storybook Bible.  These songs are so beautiful and full of so much truth that I often find myself in tears.  We'll be in the car and the song will say, "Who heard Daniel when he prayed?" and M will pipe up, "God!"

Cradle Rock has a series of entire albums of artists you love -- turned into soft instrumental lullabies.  If you get tired of listening to nursery rhymes and disney, you can listen to U2 Joshua Tree, or Michael Jackson Thriller in their lullaby version!  I've listened to them when M wasn't even around!  They've got all sorts of pop, country, and rock artists.  So, so fun!

6.  Converse Sneakers.  M has a favorite pair of pink converse shoes.  She brings them to me and asks for me to put them on (in not so many words).  The bad thing about little kids shoes is that they grow out of them fast.  The good thing is that they come in every size.   Wouldn't a good shower or Christmas gift be 4 or 5 pairs of shoes -- all the same but in different sizes?


Are shopping for little ones this year?  What's on your list?


  1. that nativity scene is pretty genius. and cute. and unbreakable. done.

  2. I do not yet have a little one, but that Fisher Price nativity set is awesome! I have a thing for nativities anyway, so of course I would love that. Before you had M, were you ever tempted to buy baby/kid stuff to save for "someday"? 'Cause I'm tempted, lol :)
    xoxo J

    1. Yes!! I bought so many children's books especially!!

    2. (Um, that comment below was supposed to be a reply - oops :P)

  3. I just bought the Natavity Scene and we LOVE it! And can NEVER go wrong with books! I'm thinking about buying Lincoln Logs this year. He LOVES to build...I think that would be a great gift that would last for years to come!!!

  4. Great ideas! I added your gift guide to the links on my gift guide. ;-)

  5. Oww so cute! That teddy bear is the sweetest thing I've seen :)

  6. Ha! Thriller as a lullaby? :) Fun!
    And about the Christmas tree... a little nervous myself!

  7. A has some converse sneakers and they are great!

    Sandy a la Mode


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