The Time I Evacuated the Whole School!

{do you think youtube founders laugh about how they ALWAYS pick the worst still shots?!}

So fun co-hosting Friday Coffee Date with Alissa of Rags to Stiches today. Video blog entries are such a fun way to get to know the person whose blog you are reading even better. Their accent, their mumbling, their speed talking (oh, wait - is that just me?).  Would love for you to join in today/this weekend and share a video post about a favorite high school memory.  

This link-up is called Coffee Date because it is supposed to be like a virtual sit down with other bloggers shooting the breeze and talking about life.  You can link up with Alissa every friday with different topics to chat about each week.  Make sure you go "have coffee" with a couple other bloggers on the link up list.

Oh -- and by the way, I got an A on my project for a very "Hell like experience."  Not even joking!


  1. Oh my gosh. You are so cute! I've been reading your blog for a little while, but I had no idea how sweet you are! I'm so glad that I watched your vlog today. I feel like I know you better... which makes me sound like a stalker... Sorry about that.

    Anyway, thanks for posting!

  2. Haha, I love this story! I don't think I have something even half as cool that I did during high school.
    Happy Weekend!
    xoxo J

  3. Love this story!!!! I so wish we had gone to high school together!! xoxo Thanks for co-hosting with me this week.

  4. Love your story, Blair, and the idea of coffee fun, and yay for co-hosting duties! :) Side note, yes, I think YouTube has a deal for picking the worst thumbnail pics...we must change this! ;)


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