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Mumford & Sons has blown up in the past year or so.  And love that they have.  I was all over their first album, but haven't done a great job of staying up to speed with their newest.  But maaaaan -- @hellokellyann ( tweeted a link to their latest video, and it wrecked me beautifully!  I just wept.  Such a beautiful and inspiring piece of art, that regardless of the artists' intention calls me to love my Savior with reckless abandon.

"He’s alive! In a world of darkness, he loves the light." -- Music Mix

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  2. I am so addicted to them. There's this dance company that did a Mumford and Sons production and basically changed my life. Love them!

  3. my husband said almost that exact thing to me a a few weeks back :)

  4. so many of their songs are worship songs to me... "i will wait" especially.

  5. Beautiful -- our limitless God isn't confined to Christian music!

  6. I've wondered for a while if Marcus Mumford was a Christian. If you rock a wiki on him it says his father is the pastor of a Christian church in Europe so maybe he is. Either way, I love this band!

  7. Oh you need to get this album! I have found myself listening to it with my hands in the air in worship of Christ many times. It so resignates with my soul and drives me to worship. Love them.


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