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Happy Thanksgiving!  We're enjoying time with family -- including the newlyweds, my twin and her new husband!  I hope everyone is having a great day!  In light of this day, I wanted to share with you a recent sermon illustration...
Matthew Henry lived from 1662 to 1714. Perhaps you have heard of Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible. As the story goes he was on his way to a preaching appointment when he was robbed. His mind took him to the thought that you are to be thankful in every situation, so how could he do this? Here is what he said, “First,” he said, “I am thankful I have never been robbed before. Second, I am thankful he took my money and not my life. Third, I am thankful he did not take more; he could have taken my horse and my clothes as well. Next, I am thankful that what I had stolen from me really did not amount to very much. Then I am grateful that what I lost, in time, could be replaced. But, finally, and most importantly, I am thankful that I was the one robbed and not the robber!” 
I'm thankful for (an incomplete and randomly ordered list):  my house, my neighborhood, my women's small group, my job, the youth group kids, Oscar, my precious precious baby and husband, the rest of my family, social media, marriage, music, my phone, our new neighbors, good doctors, good health, a space to share my thoughts, grace for the good girl, our cars, food, mocha club, Parenthood (the tv show), my blogging community, friends,... gosh, I feel like I'm bragging I have so much to be thankful for (this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface), shame on me for when I act like I don't!

If you have a "thankful" post this week link up with Rachael and I below -- Everyone is welcome, just please link posts that give thanks! No other rules really.  Try to say hi to a couple other linker-upers this week if you can, and if you feel like it, share a link back here so people can find each other.  {if you are doing #thesamepage we'll continue our book club link up next thursday -- chapters 2-5.  If you need a writing prompt look to the questions at the end of the chapters, but always feel free to write about anything you want from the book}


i'm also linking up w/ erika & colleen today too!


  1. I love this!! That story is incredible. And I am definitely going to pick up a copy of Grace for the Good Girl. It sounds amazing! :)


  2. i love that you said you feel like you are braggin. its good to brag on what we are thankful for. I linked up two. hope thats ok. Im doing BLESSED link up this week, id love you for you to linkup to mine too... ya know, if ya want to ;) Happy Thanksgiving Blair!


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