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What Joy Looks Like

Sitting next to an open window.  The breeze in the trees is delightfully noisy.  David is on the other side of the window painting and doing fist pumps because he just "finally got something right."  Roast in the oven tricking my nose that it is the holidays.  Magnolia is playing make believe with her bunny in front of me on the floor.  Actual make believe.  Such a soft, quite, creative spirit.  Bon Iver just came on pandora - Holocene, my favorite.  I could cry I'm so happy.  In fact, I think I will...


  1. love it...and know that feeling. sweet moments...

  2. I LOVE the everyday life that you have captured!

  3. What a beautiful moment - so glad you could sit and savor it for a bit! We love Bon Iver around here too:).

  4. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  5. so...holocene was actually written about a house that burned down ON MY BLOCK. Crazy right?

    Besides that...I love this post. Moments where everything is just so precious and beautiful and (extra) ordinary. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a beautiful indeed! <3


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