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I haven't shared any music on this blog in a long long time.  Well -- the tides turning folks, cause I've got a little "chill" play list for you.  If you need a little inspiration for your day I hope these tunes will put a little pep to your step and help you feel youer then you.  Sometimes all I need is one good ballad (on repeat) to turn my day around and shed some fresh perspective on life.  Hope one of these songs does just that for you today.  enjoy. xo

the new chill by Blair McLeod on Grooveshark

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what are your current go to songs?


  1. Love Dave Matthews. I love playlists like this that are just relaxing and smooth.

    Look up Imagine Dragons. They're my friend's husband's band and I think you'd like them.

  2. LOVE this quote and love sharing music...thank you!!! <3

  3. mmm head & the heart. my friend charity is in the band. (we were in bible study together in college.)

  4. woot! We appear to have VERY similar taste in music! Lovin this mix girl!!


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