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Orange you glad?...

khaki twill pants: c/o jigsaw london // scarf: fashionABLE // t: mossimo at target 
watch: fossil // bracelet: lucky brand c/o langston's
{linking w/ wiww @ pleated poppy}

Three Random Things:
ONE: Style //  I know this isn't any sort of "thrilling" outfit post... but just keepin' it real -- I like doing funky layers and statement pieces, but sometimes nothing feels better than classic.  I love these twill khakis from Jigsaw.  Can't get much more classic than that.  I don't have a lot of tips when it comes to fashion/wardrobing, but one thing I will say is getting a new white T each season in a must.  If your like me, your white t's get tired fast.  Bleaching just won't do anymore and you don't always want a "worn in look"...  get yourself a new t!  I usually get mine at Target or Old Navy (usually $5-$12).

TWO: Addiction //  One word... PARENTHOOD.  As in the tv show.  I mean my gosh.  I have never loved a tv show more, not even Lost, not even Little House on the Prairie!  I don't even know where to start.  I love the characters, I love the story lines, I love that I'm sobbing (literally) at the end of each episode, I love that its a regular "date in" night for David and I (he cries too).  Do you watch it?  If not... it is in netflix.  Start watching!...

And this is maybe a bit of a stretch (stay with me here), but back a couple seasons ago on Parenthood, Minka Kelly was in a few episodes which brings me to another addiction... Live FashionABLE which is an addiction Minka and I both share.  FashionABLE is run by the same people I worked with for Pixie Project and the purchase of their scarves helps "create sustainable business in Africa so that the women are not dependent on charity, but instead are a vital part of a developing economy." Pretty stinkin' awesome!

THREE:  Orange //  We have a new orange door.  It's weird and I love it.  I love that my husband found it at a salvage shop (wrong size, needed hardware, painting, and love) and got it up and looking beautiful in a snap.  When I look at that door I just feel blessed -- blessed that I have a husband with crazy skills and blessed that my marriage is so fun & full of things like having a bright orange door. (p.s. the hubs also made my mug!!)

are you attending Influence Conference? Link up your blog below.  Share 3 random things and visit at least the people who linked up before and after you.  See you all in just a few days!!


  1. Okay so the first thing I thought of when I read the title "Orange you glad?" was my favorite joke as a child...
    knock, knock!
    Who's there?
    Banana who?
    knock knock
    who's there?
    Banana who?
    knock knock
    WHO'S there???
    Orange who????
    Orange you glad I didn't say banana again?!!!

    Sorry I just could not resist... ok to be honest I didn't even try!! :) I'll be linking up tomorrow. Do we have to have a picture of ourselves?

  2. um i love all 3 of these things. you are the cutest, i love parenthood too and your door is adorbs

  3. i love your orange door girl! and you just look fabulous as always!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. I'm totally watching Parenthood right now. :) Can't wait for Influence!!

  5. Well, one random thing about me is obvious above. I am a bit clueless when it comes to tecchy stuff. Oh, I fake it well enough--I blog over at and have to know a bit or two about code--but I guess I "cropped" the wrong part for my pic above! LOL!

    Looking forward to meeting you at Influence!

  6. Agreed on the white tees! I have a thing for white tops and jackets, but man oh man, do they wear out fast. I was just looking at my white henley tee from last year, the one with the subtle lace ruffles, thinking it is looking a li'l sad these days... Off to Target! :)
    xoxo J

  7. I agree with your take of blog outfits, I love your style! The orange door is darling, I've always wanted a colored door. One day when I have a house, I think I would like red or maybe yellow.

  8. I love these pictures! That scarf is adorable. And I love your orange door!

  9. Oh Parenthood... if I were home in the evenings I would be watching that with the fiercest addiction. I watched the first season religiously, both my husband and I. It was real good.

  10. That scarf looks so cozy! I love it!

  11. Too cute how your coffee mug matches your bracelet, and that orange door...perfect! What color is that Visiting from WIWW :), and now following your blog!


  12. I like your outfit, and I just thought the other day that I need to buy a new long-sleeve white tee. Thanks for the reminder.

    I like Parenthood too, but I am watching on Netflix, so I am behind. :-(


  13. Oops....Ugh! Please forgive the linky-image. It didn't pull my thumbnail so I gave the crop a shot. Disaster. But oh well, right. No one needs perfection. ;)

  14. ah! I'm loving Parenthood too. and thanks for tellings us about Minka Kelly's link to FashionABLE. I've been following the company a bit with all the Influence Conference talk (was really hopeful I could go, but not this year) and I'm really wanting a scarf! I think I'll put one on my birthday wishlist.
    and I love your orange door!!

  15. I totally know I am supposed to comment on your outfit but I am loving your coffee cup!!!!!!!! :)

    Your outfit is great too but I wouldn't expect anything less from you! Glad you are up and feeling better!

  16. Love this entire outfit! The comfy relaxed and well put together look of it all! This is something I would totally where.

    Must. find. white T. soon!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  17. We just discovered Parenthood, and I'm sad to leave it for a few days while at Influence. Maybe we'll bust through the whole thing and be caught up by then!

  18. I love the all neutral look! It really draws attention to your pretty face. That bracelet is a nice pop of color too!
    Found you over at WIWW.


  19. We're really behind the times and just started season one of Parenthood on Netflix. Loving it! Excited to meet you at Influence!

  20. Looking as beautiful as ever, and I'm loving your necklace, flats, and yes, still your super cute haircut!!! :)

  21. Loving this neutral look with the turquoise accessories.
    Stopping by from WIWW.

  22. Love the neutral palette and that last photo of you is just breathtaking. So in love with that scarf.

  23. aw, all of you ladies have so much fun at influence for me! i know you will!

    as for this outfit and your fab pixie cut, va-va-voom! LOVE!

  24. Orange is my favorite color. I love the door! I'm all about repurposing and recycling! Thanks for hosting the link-up! See you next week!

  25. Loving your outfit!! That scarf is perfect.


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