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When Magnolia was first born, most people immediately said she looked like David.  And I liked hearing that.  I obviously have a strong preference for my husband's dashing good looks.  I wasn't sad that people didn't say she looked like me.  But now that she is coming into her own a little bit more and showing off that spunky little personality, I'm starting to hear more and more "wow, she looks just like you."  When she makes certain looks or reacts similarly to me, people see me in her and are astonished.  When I hear people say she is like me, my heart swells.  I'm full of pride and delight.

It makes me think of my Creator.  Made in His image.  When we act in accordance to His will and follow his commands we bear forth his image.  He looks at us and I can only begin to imagine his delight.  Our God is constant and loves us the same no matter what -- when we allow others to see Him through us, just like when people see us through our children, how much does his heart swell?


  1. This post is beautiful. It makes me wonder- when we act like His son, how wonderful it makes him feel. He created us in His image, not just in looks but also spirit.

  2. You are SO right!! My girls are definitely made in MY image and I adore that, so what a joy my heavenly daddy must feel when I am walking with Him and he is proud of me! Plus, there's something so neat about your baby girl looking like you :)

  3. Awe, that's so sweet! I think as children age, they start to personalify each parent in one manner or more. I'm glad she carries on your expressions, that's precious

  4. Thanks for sharing about His love for us.

  5. Love this. I can't wait to have a baby so I can understand God's love more fully!

  6. I love it! Such a beautiful picture of what being made in His image is all about. :)

  7. Love this!
    That is all :)
    xoxo J


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