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Log on to facebook.  Go to your friends.  Write down the name of the first 8 girls that are on your friend list. Here are mine: Catherine, Courtney, Andrea, Rachel, Lauren, Annie, Erin, Meg.

Add yourself to list.
Catherine, Courtney, Andrea, Rachel, Lauren, Annie, Erin, Meg, Blair.

Now pick out one of the nine names on your list.
1 of 9 women in the capitol city of Ethiopia are a part of the sex industry.

If you are reading this blog, chances are you and your friends are not that woman.  But what if it was you?  What if it was your facebook friend?  What if the ladies in this video, who you've never met, were your friends...

...and what if this was your facebook friend's status:

What if your reality reached past the internet coding of status updates and social feeds to encompass the real lives that are growing and turning and moving all over the globe -- if we recognized others as more than a status update and more than just an idea in our heads?

Mocha Club treats women as such: as more than a number, as more than a "look I've helped someone & feel good about myself now," as more than some distant thought that has no effect on our here and now.  Mocha Club takes women out of prostitution and all they ask of them is a commitment to leave the streets.  In return, they are given intensive counseling, job training, and medical coverage -- a second chance at life.   

Help Mocha Club and myself do this for three women.  To bring three women off the streets and rehabilitate them.  $1,200 is what it will take (we already almost a third of the way there!).  You can help by donating. 

What if it was your friend?

$4 or $400.  Every little bit helps.

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