Next Viral Video

I mean... it's not just me right? this is hilarious? I seriously cannot stop watching it.  I mean, Magnolia can't even walk across the room yet on her own, but she's got some hip hop moves!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

I'll be at the beach all next week with my middle schoolers (and David & Magnolia too - pray for us), but have line up some great guest posters to keep you company over here while I'm gone.  And then, when I get back I've got an awesome giveaway from Orek...



  1. Adorable!!! Yes, I think Magnolia might just go viral...she truly is so cute, and what great moves! Love it, especially the remix! Too cute!!! :) Have fun with the middle schoolers next week at the beach...could be quite the adventure!

  2. SO AWESOME!!! I try to get my 2 year old to dance and sadly she is so white she has NO MOVES ;) I think Magnolia has got some serious hip hop moves for sure!!!!


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