I'm Back!

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Huge thank you to Jen, Tiffany, & Joanne for guest posting while I was away at the beach last week.  I've got some fun posts for later this week - a style "look-a-like" with Sandy a la Mode and a big giveaway from Oreck.  PLUS - Magnolia turns ONE this thursday!!  

A couple things of note for you to check out today --

1. Influence Conference.  If you have't bought your ticket yet and are in need of some extra incentive Tuesday-Thursday this week will be BIG giveaways for whoever buys tickets each of these days... we're talking Anthropologie big.  Check out all the info you need HERE.

2. Help me help a friend.  Some sweet friends of mine from church, the Sokolowski's, are in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ghana.  As you know this is a very expensive process.  But I believe fully that when God gives us an inward call, He also gives us an outward call and by helping with these expenses we are affirming that call.  Mary Ann, Jim, and one year old James need your help bringing their new son/brother home.

If you click on this link it will take you to the Ordinary Hero website. They have Tshirts, mugs, jewelry, hoodies, or if you don't want anything you can donate Sheep, shoes, Bibles, jackets and much more to those in Africa. 40% of anything you spend is credited directly to the Sokolowski's adoption agency for their adoption, just choose their name (Sokolowski, Mary Ann) from the drop down when you are checking out.  Also, if they sell the most by July 25 they get an additional $1,000 grant towards their adoption!

Thanks y'all!  Glad to be back and getting caught up with all I've missed.  


  1. Maybe I haven't been a very good follower but your LAYOUT IS BRILLIANT. I am just so into it. I also am extremely jealous of your beach photos.

    But seriously, this layout. To die for.
    xoxo, hma

  2. I was so thrilled to guest post! And those photos are absolutely incredible! Wow! You caught the beauty of the sea so perfectly.


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