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I have a rule in the classes I teach.  You can never say "I can't".  It surprises me how often people say those two words, already setting themselves up for defeat without realizing they are doing so.  It's a tragedy in my mind so I tell my students on the first day of class that the words "I can't" are not allowed. 
To me, not believing in yourself is not an option.

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One day while stretching during my "Magical Ballerinas" class a little 5 year old student said "I can't do this!"  Promptly, another 5 year old stood up and said "You never say, 'I can't.'  You say, 'this is really hard right now.'"  I have never been so proud!

I know this is cheesy,  but I hope you believe in yourself. 
Your capabilities are so much more than you realize.   


  1. I think it is always wonderful to believe in yourself, I LOVE the post!!! :)

  2. That's such a perfect rule! That needs to get written down somewhere where I'll remember it--it sounds like a good rule for living, one I ought to start following.

  3. great post! i need to remind myself more often -- i CAN do it!

  4. awww, I love that. How great they're learning anything's possible even when its tough at that moment.

    Those pictures are beautiful too!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes


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