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Hi y'all. I'm Jen, a former Seattlite-turned-southerner, and I blog over at The Arizona Russums. Today, I want to talk a little bit about blogging, because we all have that in common right? If you are here, you clearly read blogs, and maybe you write one too...

Here's the thing. I go back and forth on this whole blogging gig.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it real? Is it fake? Does it set false expectations? Paint an inaccurate picture of life? Stir jealousy? Build friendships?

What is going on here???

I've heard/seen/read backlash toward bloggers and blogging in general for painting this surreal picture of life where the world is filled with Anthropologie dresses, adorably DIYed homes, and perfectly behaved children.

And then I have heard women speak of the jealousy that is stirred within them after comparing themselves to other bloggers who have skinnier bodies or better homes. Or the inadequacies they feel as wives and mothers and home managers when they look at other blogs and peek into other lives.

First, let me say this. I don't feel jealous. I love seeing other women's creativity. Their beautiful children. Their birthday party ideas. Their fashion insights. Their home decor. Their date night ideas.

And I often walk away encouraged. And sometimes inspired to try something new.

But I'm not jealous. Because one of the blessings of growing older and being sanctified by the Holy Spirit is that I feel more and more at peace about who I am and who God made me and what He has called me to do in this life. And refinishing furniture and hanging a new wreath on my door for every season is not a part of His plan for me. But it might be His plan for you. And I praise Him for you and I would love to be invited over for lunch to ooh and aah at all the creativity He has blessed with you! I seriously AM impressed. Create, girl! It's who you are. It's just not me.

One thing has been rolling around in my mind for quite a few weeks now. It's actually a series of thoughts I've been having based off a verse in Philippians 4...

Think lovely thoughts.

Dwell on excellent things.

Praise what is commendable.

And I think that bloggers excel at doing these things. Sharing the lovely. Dwelling on the beautiful. Praising and encouraging one another.

Some of my favorite lovely things... a new pair of shoes and coffee in the morning.

Because I'm not perfect. And I will never claim to be. If you want to read about some of the very real ugly sin inside of me, you can read here and here.

But if you see a whole lot of lovely filling up the pages of my blog, it's because the Lord has given me a pretty lovely life. It's not perfect. But it's redeemed. He has made it beautiful.

Also, lovely... going on dates with my husband, especially when they involve bikes.

So when I share a good recipe, wear a new outfit, go on a date night, or completely obsess over my iPhone and take way too many Instagrams, I do it for His glory.

My blog is my lovely place.. It's where I reflect with gratitude on how blessed my life really is and how I don't deserve any of it. And it's my hope and prayer that if you read blogs or if you write one of your own, you walk away each day feeling encouraged and inspired as well.


  1. Lovely post! Blogs can be as positive and inspirational as you make them! I think sometimes it just takes the right point of view.

  2. I totally agree, I don't get envious and discontent. Sometimes, they give me just the jolt to snap out of a rut.


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