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Time has me all a mess.  Some days I can't tell this summer from last or how old I am.  Some days... most days, seem to just sneak up on me -- "how could it already be today?!"  How is my daughter almost a year old when I could swear by the moon that I was pregnant only yesterday?  I find myself in the paradox of missing the before and longing for the not yet, all the while not wanting each day to end. What are we to do with time?  Such a confining unit that measures what?  Our success?  Our aptitude? This finite body of mine is longing for the everlasting.  We just weren't made for time - for all its alarms, endings, and deadlines.  We were made for the Infinite One. 

p.s. don't get scared by the second pic - i photoshopped out my arm that was keeping M safe. 
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  1. I love that you two are in a Magnolia tree!! How cute! Time does fly by, and I am certain it will only go faster once our baby is born. How awesome that we have eternity with Jesus though!!

  2. love those pictures side by side!! so cool!

  3. You photoshopped that? Impressive! I can't even see where! Adorable pics!
    One year... whoa! Time does fly!

  4. It flies by so crazy fast!!! It went even faster with my second baby, I'm afraid I'll blink after having a third and they will be so big! Cherish every moment!

  5. beautiful, insightful post Blair :)

  6. what a beautiful post, and beautiful images!
    xo TJ

  7. You're so right dear, it's amazing how time melts

  8. I love these images, and nice photoshopping out of your hand...looks great!!! :) So cute! Also, I am so with you on the topic of is so precious!

  9. You look adorable. I saw your Etsy pic before this post and I didn't even notice your bangs. And yes to Bring It On! Micah's little cousin and her best friend came to visit us a few weeks ago and I found out they had never seen it and I freaked out. I searched Hulu Plus for it but it wasn't there to show them. Sad! What a classic!


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