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I was looking through some old posts from this month in 2010 and found this guest post from Helena who blogs @ A Diary of Lovely.  Now 2 years later I still love the post & the style.   Helena and her London flat were also recently featured on The Every Girl {click on picture above to check out the loveliness. photo credit Sarah Hogan} and I just can't stop looking at it!  She really is... lovely.  

rerun guest post // orginal date 6.8.10

Hello all! I'm Helena and I blog at A Diary of Lovely. When Blair told me she was going away to Honduras I thought "wow, cool place!" Latin America sounds amazing! I have only been to Argentina but had a great time there. Anyway to the point.

I love traveling, I have been lucky and have travelled a bit. I am a firm believer that each destination needs its own wardrobe of course and each destination has its own style and style icons. What I loved:

Greece, Corfu

As some of you know Greece is my usual holiday destination. Island wise, it is absolutely true that each island has its own dress code somehow. Corfu or Kerkyra has a very classy vibe and has been highly influenced by the Venetians and British in the past. A classy yet bright outfit would definitely fit the bill. You don't want to overdue it anyway, it's still a beach holiday.

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The eternal city as they call it. Absolutely gorgeous, so magnificient and very very grand. Italian women and men and very stylish, they have that certain vibe, like Viviana Volpicella! but you will also probably want to visit the Vatican so be careful here. No shorts or short skirts.

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uh Paris is tricky but not that much, we all think that french are so super chic well it might be true but NOT all are, so breath and dont panic. GO for the so called "french style" baguette included ;) and french labels! and voila! For some fab inspiration the place to go is Alix's blog The cherry Blossom Girl and Le Blog de Betty, 2 French girls with lots of French style.

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Thank you Blair, it was so much fun putting this together for your gorgeous blog! Thanks for inviting me. xoxo


  1. i love these european inspired looks!! and i love helena!

  2. Lovely photos of inspiration. The stylea are just gorgeous and so pretty.


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