WIWLW || What I Wore Last Week

blue skirt: old navy / stripped tank: belk / peep toe nude pumps: rack room shoes
patchwork dress: scarlet bagonia boutique / cardigan: jcrew / weekender bag: fossil
multicolor t: jcrew / light teal jeans: jessica simpson / fedora: dillards / bracelt: lucky brand c/o Langston's
black and white tunic: tjmax / blue jeans: macy's / turquoise stick necklace: destiny ray jewelry
denim shirt & shorts: old navy / custom red toms: c/o free range chick
vneck t: old navy / jeans: lucky brand c/o Langston's Western Wear
denim jacket: bitten by sjp / floral dress: urban outfitters / gladiator flats: target
watch: fossil / stud earrings c/o anjolee

Well, there you have it! - this is what I wore last week.  I didn't dress up for blog pictures - this is just what I wore in real life.  Some days are don't fix your hair and put on a hat days (the same hat two days in a row).  And some days are just tshirt and jeans days.  I basically wear the same jewelry every day regardless of the outfit and rarely wear my hair down.  Somedays, thanks to baby vomit or thrown pureed peas, I wear more than one outfit.  Somedays I stay in sweaty running clothes all day...  but this is  WIWLW

p.s. i'll announce the winner of the langston's giveaway in tomorrow's post w/ a special coupon code for everyone else!


  1. I love all these outfits! You are so cute. :)

  2. You are super adorable! Love the realness of your outfits. :) And your dresses are great!

  3. love your jessica simpson jeans!! you are soo cute!!

  4. Cute! I love you in hats! Adorable outfits- love Monday!

  5. You look so cute!! I love the red striped tank you wore on Sunday + the jean top and shorts you wore on Thursday!!! PS You and your little one are SO cute together!! xoxo

  6. I love this post. I have often thought I should try this...but then everyone would see that 2 days a week I stay in work out clothes smelly all day! Maybe I need to quit doing that before I do the post!

  7. Adorable on all fronts, love the colors! You look beautiful! :)

  8. I had that blue skirt from old navy then donated it because i didn't know how to style it. super cute on you! xx

  9. Hey Blair! This is Caroline. I am just checking out your blog for the first time. I love all of your outfits. I love fashion and its good to see you do to. Love ya! Can't wait to see ya'll soon.


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