9 for 9

Magnolia has officially been part of the "real world" longer than she was a part of the "mommy's tummy world!"  So today I share with you 9 things I've learned in 9 months...

1. God made dirt and dirt don't hurt:
I spent the first 2 or 3 months of M's life very concerned with dirt and germs.  I wouldn't let kids near her and I wouldn't let her on bare floor.  Hand sanitizer abounded.  I'm quite over that.  

2. Don't cry over spilt milk / Don't make an ant hill into a mountain:
I used to get upset/worry when M would spit up after eating.  But, duh, babies spit up!  And they do so many other things that are 100% normal.  It is so easy to be anxious with a new little one.  With her first cough I quickly saw pneumonia in the future.  I finally learned that 99% of the time - a cough is just a cough and spit up is just spit up.  

3.  A place for everything and everything in its place:
When Magnolia first started crawling I asked my small group to pray that I would be better at house cleaning.  I drop bobby pins or track in little leaves or drop pieces of paper when opening the mail without even thinking about it.  When Magnolia started crawling I realized our floor was riveted with landmines.  Baby proofing a house is a full time job & It is only of the good Lord's mercy that my baby hasn't choked!  

4. Big girls don't cry:
I'm a big girl (and yes, I of course am allowed and do cry) but, when little M gets injured I need to be the calm in the storm and kiss the boo boo.  When Magnolia slipped in the tub and got a black eye I literally was a fraction of a second from a complete melt down.  But then I realized I need to gather myself and be there for her - it wasn't about me.  

5. There's no place like home:
Traveling with a babe is quite the ordeal.  Where David and I could make a weekend trip with just one bag when you add in Magnolia we have - carseat, stroller, pack-n-play, baby bedding, diapers, baby food, toys, blankets, books, multiple clothes changes, sound machine... and inevitably, she never quite sleeps as well.  Of course we love our weekend trips to see family, but whenever we get home, the three of us let out a big sigh - "we're home!"

6. Don't sweat the small things:
Magnolia takes lots of little tumbles and falls lately.  And a lot of them come with a little whimper.  But we've learned to hold ourselves back and not run to her aid at every mishap and to give her a second to take care of things herself.  If we run to help her she thinks it is more serious than it is -- but if we give her a second, she brushes herself off and goes about her mischief.  She can be quite the drama queen sometimes and I've learned that I don't always need to be a part of the charade.

7.  Sleeping like a baby:
You start to get used to strange hours or interrupted sleep.  I wonder when this saying turned into something meaning deep & restful?  While Magnolia is a pretty good sleeper and mostly sleeps through the night, she'll go through different phases that are not as restful for mom and dad.  Just las month she was getting up at 5am sharp everyday.  Funnily enough on days like that I still find the energy I need.  God gives all three of us just enough (which is all we need) for each day.  

8.  A house that prays together stays together:
One of my favorite times of the day is bed time (especially so when M puts up no objections) when we put her down in her crib and pray out loud for her.

9.  I wish I was an octopus (okay, I know that isn't a common phrase)
Don't feel I really need to explain this one that much -- but with a little busy bee cruiser about to walk on her own, wouldn't 8 arms be quite nice?!!

M's 9 month tid-bits:
she has two teeth
nurses 4-5 times a day & has 3 solid food meals
weighs 20lbs
pulls up on everything & walks circles around the coffee table
laughs a lot - especially at our dog Oscar
currently has her first ear infection (and loves her medicine)
favorite toys: a stuffed bunny named Jelly & a panda bear named Cuddle
officially calls out for MaMa!
when all else fails give her a spoon to play with and she is happy
loves the sounds of the outdoors
can climb down off the couch by herself
she has her own phone (an old red unserviced cell phone of mine)
wears clothing size 9, 9-12mo
still loves bath time
getting close to having a full head of hair again
loves her buddies in church nursery
is the best most beautiful baby ever


  1. Thanks for posting a few of the things you've learned. So helpful for a mommy-to-be! I know I have lots of learning ahead of me in the coming years :).

  2. You're killing me with those outfits of M's!! SOOO freakin cute!

  3. I love that she loves the sounds of the outdoors. So incredibly sweet.

  4. Such a great post. Yay for healthy, growing babies!

  5. love this post! great lessons learned.

  6. love the one about sleep!! so true!! and love that magnolia calls out for mama, too cute!!

  7. Love these little tidbits! I'm sure I'll start having kids in the next few years, so it's good to see this type of thing :)


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