Workin' it

{family dodgeball tournament}

Some of y'all have been curious what my day to day looks like with Magnolia/work/etc., so here is an abridged rundown (try to stay with me, this could get confusing)...

My job is really flexible as far as where I work from.  I have some set times that I work in the office:  Monday mornings I have staff meeting, or a youth staff meeting, and/or just a catch up meeting with my boss.  I usually leave the house by 8 and am home between 12 & 1pm.  Magnolia stays home with david.  Tuesdays I am at the church for women's small group and large group lesson (we are going through Isaiah) -- Magnolia comes with me because there is nursery on this day.  After women's group we usually stick around and do a few things at the church.  Magnolia is a great assistant.  Wednesday nights we have middle school dgroups - (I co-lead the 7&8th graders).  Magnolia comes on Wednesday nights and goes to nursery.  Thursdays are school lunch days, so my boss and I will meet up at the church and head to one our schools and say hi to kids during lunch.  I usually stick around at the church after lunch to get some things done.  Fridays I have OFF (except for the 1st Friday of every month we do a service project with the kids after school).  Saturdays I seldomly have much work -- occasionally we'll have a fun group event or I'll go to a school play or sporting event.  Sundays we of course have Sunday school and church (Magnolia is in the nursery).  Sunday evenings I lead the high school senior dgroup.

Soooo....  that is my "set" schedule...

My "unset" work schedule is what fills in the in between of all that.  Things like: going to basketball games, meeting with kids one-on-one over starbucks or frozen yogurt, picking girls up from school to hang out, catching up with kids on facebook, praying, writing letters, prepairing sunday school lessons, talking with parents, building calendars, spending time in the Word, making phone calls, playing dodgeball,  reading, meeting with volunteers, planning cupcake dance parties (no really, i just planned a girls-only cupcake & dance party for next month and I am super pumped!).

Lots of times I have Magnolia with me or do a lot of this from home.  When I don't bring Magnolia with me she is is home with daddy.  I am still full time breastfeeding and have had a really easy time.  I usually will only miss one feeding at a time -- David gives her a bottle and I'll pump when I get home.  Although, now that Magnolia is eating veggies/fruits/yogurts I rarely miss a feeding anymore.



  1. WoW!!! I love that you love what you do! You are such a blessing to all those young people :) Wish I would have had someone like that from my church!

    And hold up... cupcake and dance party?!?!?! COUNT ME IN!

  2. I don't think I knew that you worke for your church now, very cool. what a blessing that your schedule is so flexible! sounds like your living life fully :) I also go to a women's bible study with small group an large group. we are going through Romans :)

  3. Sounds like an awesome job! :) Our church is really small, so we just volunteer & don't have set schedules.

  4. You have the most awesome job! I always love hearing about it.

  5. what an awesome job! you are an amazing person : )

  6. Busy busy! I bet those kids love hanging out and learning with you. My Dad used to be run Jr. church (now called youth pastor) and it was so fun to help out with all the games. Broom hockey and crab soccer. SO fun.


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