video short: speed walking

If i watched this video a thousand times i would still be giggling! lil' M loves her some speed walking. this video was not sped up -- she is cruzin'! (I really think she will walk by the end of her 9 month at the latest!)

speaking of videos...

The hubs has finished all TEN of his instructional videos of the process of a portrait.  You can see them all, free, on youtube, by clicking here.  

and speaking of the hubs...

Would still love for you to take a minute to vote for him on THIS BLOG.  He is painting #3, Refraction.  If you need help figuring out how to vote you can check out this post.  


  1. SO cute! And G was mighty impressed ;)

  2. what a cutie! I think she'll just skip walking and go straight to running
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. could it get any more precious, i mean, seriously.

  4. Adorable, and the perfect music for this! Love it!!! :)

  5. P.S. Your hubby's art is truly a beautiful talent! :)

  6. omg, she is sooo cute! and so close to walking already!


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