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Don't bite that booby, baby!

This is my freezer: The McLeod Milk Factory storage facility.  From the beginning I have been very extremely blessed with an easy time with breastfeeding.  M never had any trouble latching & to say I've had no shortage of supply would be an understatement.  I love breastfeeding, I advocate for it, and it is one of my biggest joys as a mother.

When I was in middle school we had an ongoing joke with one of our best friends (hi mawia-ria!).  The story goes that when her younger brother was breastfeeding one day, our then 3-year-old friend marched up and quite adamantly scorned her baby brother, "Don't bite that booby, Baby!!"  Ha!! Oh- we would laugh about it!  All the time we would bring it up and say it to each other randomly.  It still makes me giggle.

Well, I've hit my first breastfeeding trouble... actually make that two troubles -- two teeth!!  Ouch & double ouch.  I'm not ready to quit as my hope is to not ween until 1year.  So I'm looking for some advice!...

Does it get better?  Will I get used to it?  Can I teach her not to bite?  Any tricks & secrets?  Please mommas, do share! 

{p.s. are you an advocate for breastfeeding? grab my "breastfeeding is fashionable" button from my sidebar}


  1. Yikes I remember that and I'm not looking forward to that part, although I'm looking forward to bonding again. Somehow we were able to get thru it though. It's like she new it hurt and stopped biting thank goodness!

    - Sarah

  2. Ouch!! That doesn't sound like fun...but I can't believe Magnolia is getting so big!

  3. Oh, the teeth! Haha! I shouldn't laugh, as it's no laughing matter when those sharp little guys dig right in. I always got used to it. I think it probably helped, although I felt awful about it, that a few times it caught me off guard and I shouted, "Ouch!" I think all three of my babies cried. Like I said, I felt awful, but it kept the biting at bay for a bit. None of mine kept biting. I think they just like to play around with their new teeth. It's a new sensation! If it persisted I just told mine, "no." Very firmly, but lovingly. My son would bite a few times and just watch me to see what I would do so I'd tell him he was all done, cover up, and sit him up. It would produce tears at times, but I'd console him and tell him he couldn't bite mama and we'd try again later. It seemed to work. I also am experiencing again, with my third right now, how the latch changes with new teeth. That is another ouch! It's just for a couple days and then goes back to normal, but sure enough each time that happens new teeth are moving in. Good luck!!!

  4. oh wow!! you are soo lucky to produce soo much milk and not struggle with breastfeeding. i think this was the toughest part of childcare for me..! i am still only producing enough for the day. :(

  5. I have no advice but, man, that's a lot of organized milk!

  6. Mine didnt bite much but I have heard youre supposed to scream really loud (like to scare them). Hope that helps.

  7. Hang in there momma! We went through this with a couple of rounds of teething. A firm NO helped a couple of times. I did flick him in the face once bc I thought I was going to pass out from pain. Just remember this too shall pass. It was a phase for a lil bit, but he learned to adjust and we were both happy again :)

  8. ahhhh! i just cringed reading your post and all the comments. I plan on breastfeeding if I have myself a lovely baby some day (lord willing) But the thought of screaming in pain while feeding just makes my hands go numb. haha Sorry. I'm a weakling. But I am blessed to know that tribal screams and firm NO shouts will save my someday fearful nips from destruction. Goodness. I hope they can't draw blood!!!! :(

    Motherhood is no joke!


  9. oh. my. goodness. what a freezer supply!!! you go mama! ab teeth: Isaiah bit sometimes & I did the same as @christalena - a quick "no bite!" and unlatch will get the message across! hang in there!

  10. You are brave momma to keep nursing when they have teeth!! Hehe :) I am only having my first in September!

  11. I don't think youre' brave for still nursing during teething at all, I think you're compassionate to your baby. When Elle bites, I just gently take her off of the nipple for few moments so that she associates that when she bites, I take it away. A friend of mine yelled when her baby at 7 months bit her, and her baby never latched onto her breast again.

    Hang in there. I'm in the same boat right now. It's NO fun.

    Yay for all that milk girl!

  12. I have breastfed four and the best thing to do is to pop the cheek with your finger, it seems mean but it works. Love the "Don't bite that booby, baby!" story made me laugh out loud.

  13. oh, my almost one year old still has no teeth!! whoohooo!


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