3/4 of a year!

8 Months Old!

No your eyes are not deceiving you - yes, she does have a black eye.  No - we did not abuse our child.  Here's the thing... this baby is BUSY!  Not only can she crawl faster than a cheeta can run, but she pulls up on EVERYTHING.  She climbs on everything.  She can get up and down from the couch in her nursery unassisted!  She thinks she can walk and takes leaps into unknown abysses on a regular basis.  Her boo boo came from her bath the other day when she decided she was too much of a big girl to take a bath and wanted to bathe standing up.  Man it sure is crazy how it really only takes a split second and then BOOM BAM we have a BRUISE!  I'm not gonna lie -- I seriously almost burst into tears before remembering that I needed to be her calm in the storm and give kisses.  This, I know, is the first of many big kid boo boos to come.  

Dear Lord, please protect this little one from injuries that mommy's kisses cannot heal.  Help me to trust in YOU as her protector and healer.  Grant me peace over the things I cannot control.  Thank you for entrusting Magnolia to us.  What a blessing!  


  1. She is such a precious girl! Love her owl. & the poor baby's bruise! My friend's little boy is always bumping his head & face on things, guess it's just a part of growing up! ;)

  2. It must have been really hard for u! The baby is gorgeous! God bless you all! xoxo


  3. She is gorgeous! Oh, she has your eyes!

  4. Oh, poor thing (you included. :) Its crazy how fast something can happen w/kids.
    Maybe this taught her not to stand while getting clean...I'm gonna bet she'll never want to take showers from here on out...you have a bath taker on your hands. ;)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. She is beautiful! I love her little bubble. Are bubbles just the best. I love that you can see their cute and chubby little legs!!

  6. Poor thing!! My first got a black eye around that age too :( They just can't sit still can they?!?!

  7. So she is so very precious. And you are so very wise, my friend.

  8. she is precious! and from what i can see, her nursery is too... do you have a post with photos of her room? i'd love to see it!

  9. umm.. . . literally love this. love that massive awesome owl pillow (where is it from?) love that couch. love the frames on the wall. love the prayer at the end. lovelovelove

    happy tuesday friend!


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