so clutch curls

Yup... just felt in the mood to do a vlog... not quite sure what possessed me.  But there you have it folks: proof that I might be the worlds biggest mumbler and fastest speaker all in one!  I can't even tell what I'm saying.  If I ever do a vlog again I think I should consider adding subtitles.  For instance - I said something about copper wire from our proposal story -- did you catch that?  (Grampa, I'm gonna go ahead and warn you on this one -- You aren't going to understand a single thing I say)...

Allthattosay... here is the "no heat curl" pin I spoke of that links to a better how-to with a girl who did not cut corners and had much better success!

The clutch & "curls":

My super cute clutch was made by the ever-so-cute-and-talented Ashley of My Little Sunshine and I just love it! I love the details of it, but also love the size -- I rarely have a "purse purse" these days as I am in a season of diaper bags & strollers instead.  A clutch is great for a momma who is trying to avoid being a bag lady!  Another thing I love about this clutch in particular is that it is a perfect match for my bridesmaid dress for sissy's wedding (jess - take note).  Oh I love it.  If you haven't already - check out Ashley and all of her fabric creative loveliness...

Where to find Ashley:

And because she was being so precious while I was being a crazy mumbling vlogger...



  1. pretty please SPEAK MORE! you are so hilarious :). I almost lost it aloud in my living room. I'm biased though. I talk fast and mumble and speak whatever comes to mind :). haha DO IT AGAIN! blessings girl!


  2. i like vlogs too and you are just way too cute with all the mumbling and what not haha :) and your baby girl is ADORABLE.

  3. Love this! Your hair looked fabulous. My cousin actually used this technique for a formal event we attended and she said sleeping on it really helped. It looked so glamorous when she let all her hair down. Now after watching your vlog, I think I'll need to give it a try as well! xo

  4. Loved it Blair! My only request is that you let baby girl join you next time!! :)

  5. haha, you are so stinking adorable. that was fun to watch :) and i actually like the way your hair turned out. it's so shiny & healthy-looking by the way!

  6. You are too funny! And gorgeous.

    Baby M is getting so big!!!

  7. You're hilarious, girl! Loved that vlog. haha, for the record, I understood every word, I think cause I"m a fast talker as well, so I was right there with ya!!

    Loved your goofiness!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  8. you are too cute! love your fast-talking vlog!

  9. How cute are you!!! :) Love your vlogs and I love how you tested out a pinterest find...I have stick straight hair too, so, I should give this a try! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Love the clutch too!

    Liesl :)

  10. Blair, it totally brought back memories of PC to me when I watched your vlog! I remember our ol' ADPI days! Your voice sounds just the same. On a different note, I tried the hair band curl and (like you), should've kept it up longer to dry (I was too excited to see how it would look), but overall I LOVED it!! Thanks for sharing this idea! I'm passing it on to several friends :)

  11. Cute! What lip color are you wearing in this post? (if you don't mind me asking..)


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