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This day a year ago I woke up after a night not all to different than last night -- little sleep!  Today the reason is my sweet Magnolia is getting used to a new/earlier sleep routine and last year's sleeplessness came from the excitement of February 14th being Gender Day!

I laid in bed awake long before the alarm.  How could I possibly know? But I did.  Every thread of my body radiated with the joy of knowing I was having a baby girl.  Now, the night before? I had no idea.  I had hopes of a girl but was carefully guarding my thoughts so that no matter what I would be as thrilled one way or another.  But the early morning of Valentines day 2011 I just knew as strongly as I know my left from my right (which this is an appropriate simile because lets be honest, every once in a while, I do get  them confused) I knew inside of me I had my first little kitchen-dancing-in-a-tutu partner.

I got out of bed feeling great.  Tired -- but at that point in the pregnancy you are pretty used to it.  I don't remember many details.  I do know that I watched a super cute valentine video of a 3month baby O "singing" and dancing to Justin Beiber, "Baby."  My heart melted on behalf of my little girl swimming for joy inside me.  Another reason I knew.  

We got to the doctors office and I thought my stomach was going to jump out of my throat.  I could not wait!!  No body was moving fast enough - certainly the clock wasn't!  Finally I got called back to the ultrasound room.  Aaaaaah finally!  And then we start seeing our healthy baby -- not just a little lima bean human any more, but a fully recognizable person.  The tech carefully (and slowly! aaahh!) checked out every last inch of our little one saving the gender reveal for last.  And then...

"Y'all do want to know right?...it's a little girl."

David cried.  I was paralyzed.

I knew.

Visions of kitchen-dancing-tutu wearing and so much more flooded my thoughts.  I'm surprised I didn't scream out! 

We finished up our doctors appointment and called our family and friends first thing.  It would be impossible to tell you who was the most excited!  We also revealed our name.  Our sweet Catherine Magnolia! 

We then ran into Michaels.  I had on a black maternity sweater and wanted to get a pink ribbon to tie around my waste as a way to reveal to everyone at work that a baby girl was on board.  Then David and I had ourselves a little Valentines lunch date where I think we told every stranger around us that we were pregnant with a girl!  We just couldn't hold it in.

Of my 9+ months of pregnancy, that is perhaps the day that stands out the most (third to labor/delivery & finding out I was pregnant). The memories of pregnancy "side effects" of almost all but past from remembrance -- now, sitting here in the dark of my living room, squinting at my computer because I left my glasses in the bedroom and don't want to go in to get them out of fear of waking my sweet sweet husband who was up more last night than I was soothing our sweet daughter, what do I remember about pregnancy?  That it was one of the mostly humbling joys of my life!

My Savior spoke to me so tenderly through my pregnancy.  I learned so much about my weaknesses -- as well as my strengths.  More than anything I learned and continue to learn the depth of a father's (mother's) love for us.  It radiates.  

check out my gender prediction video from last year and my gender reveal blog post 


  1. So sweet. I'm just all in goose bumps over here. I love that you knew and I love that you remember that day so vividly.

  2. What a wonderful memory! How precious you have your kitchen dancing tutu wearing little girl. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. that is an awesome valentine's celebration! can't wait to see pics and movies of your and magnolia dancing in tutus! xoxo!

  4. This is so beautiful and so inspiring.

  5. So sweet. I hope for a firstborn girl too, but I know whatever God has planned is perfect!

  6. =-) This makes me so so happy. What a sweet post. And of course you know I love Magnolia, she's such a cutie pie.


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