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Camera Phone Dump

just some random pictures from the last month or so from my ever handy iphone...

one of my sweet college besties came for a quick visit and us three girls got messy making some salted carmel butter bars

M dressed up for a fancy dinner //  puts new meaning to "baby bag" - my new bag from gigi hill

it would have been impossible for me to NOT take a picture of such pretty coffee (enjoyed this cup while chatting with the lovely Mrs. Coffey of Mrs. Calabash Cards

we love making up pizzas! this one is called "the mutt" -- trader joes crust, spinach, roma tomatoes, pickled garlic, goat cheese, fresh grated parmesan, italian sausage, gouda... mmmm!

M got a very special valentine in the mail from her most favorite little red head!

how the adults in the house celebrated valentines

visited my sissy's house for a girls weekend -- M and "cousin" Lucy having a heart to heart

M loves her Auntie Sissy (and waving)

Pappy's Hat

Guess who has a tooth?! M loves sharing a cold apple!


  1. All this looks beautiful and happy.

  2. Wow with the overalls and apple she REALLY looks like a big kid!

  3. Wow with the overalls and apple she REALLY looks like a big kid!

  4. Love the photo of M and Lucy!

  5. You made that pizza? Oh my oh my I want to stay at your house forever.

  6. so very precious :).
    i love how dogs and cats are scared of babies!! and they just love on them. So amazing.


  7. Oh my goodness, the picture of Magnolia & "cousin" Lucy is SO adorable! I love dogs. ;)

  8. OMG. That picture of M and Lucie is SOOOO CUTE!!!! <3


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