half birthday

wait... WHAT? um... i'm the mom of a 6 month old!!! holy-stinkin-awesome-cow!!

i'm more in love with her every day.  i love being a mom more and more every day.  I am constantly being knocked to my knees in amazement by how much my God loves me through this child.  I could stare at her for hours on end.  She makes my heart quite literally explode.  

6 months! SIX months!! Can't believe how big she is!  She is sleeping through the night again (so thankful) -- just last night she slept 11 hours.  We are still breastfeeding full time and have added in a morning and evening meal... oatmeal and fruits in the morning & veggies at night.  This kid loves eating!  

In the last month she has had her first fever (scary - 102.7... i called the doc late one night at his house freaking out) and how been nursing a cold for a good while.  Boogers are NOT her friend.  However the plus side of her illness is that we got to get an official weigh in at the doctor last week -- 18lbs 4oz!  Heavy Weight!  

As of last week she is quite an accomplished army crawler both backwards and forwards.  She also loves walking... yes, walking! -- of course she has to hold on to your hands, but she is so tickled with herself when she puts one foot in front of the other.  

She is such a talker!  She inadvertently says "da da" all the time... but i'm still convinced "Ma Ma" will be her first real word.  In addition to her chit chat, she is a giggle monster.  She finds Oscar (our pooch) especially hilarious.  

Oh - i could go on and on... but i'll stop.  I am just really loving 6 months.  Every day I just want to engulf her with every part of me -- i can't cuddle her close enough.  Just like the day she was born, my senses fail me.  Man! -- if I can't handle her now, how much more will I fall to my knees in the light of God's glory!!! Wow.  What a blessing! 


  1. omg wow!! i can't believe how time has flown by! she is adorable!!

  2. Magnolia gets more beautiful everyday! I can't believe she is six months already!

  3. So beautiful!! I'm expecting my first one coming up in a few weeks. I am so excited.

  4. LOVE the second image. Such happiness! XOXO

  5. elle will be 6 months old on the 31st! I didn't realize our babies were so close in age!

    she is SUCH a beautiful baby girl! good job momma!

  6. thanks for sharing the journey with us. Motherhood, what a joy, what an honor. we love the mcleods!

  7. she's just getting even cutter. i won't mind to babysit her :p

  8. Awww, Happy 1/2 Birthday to adorable Magnolia!!!

    Liesl :)

  9. Oh my gosh she is prcious as can be!

    xo Shane

  10. tender. i love getting to hear about M and how crazy you are about her. it encourages me about one day being a mom!

  11. Aw, she's a cutie! I came across your blog awhile back, when you were still pregnant, and then remembered and thought I'd check back today - it's amazing how big they get in six months!

    I was so hoping my kiddo's first word would be "mama", and he does say it, but the first word that I KNOW he said intentionally was "dog". He LOVES our dogs. *sigh* :-D


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