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This stirs my soul in a thirst quenching and happy conviction kind of way.  What about you?  Would LOVE to know your thoughts.  

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  1. thanks for posting this video! i went to Ethiopia and Uganda this past summer to work in orphanages. before going to Africa i thought of the pain, trials and heartache i would see - but after getting there and looking into pretty brown eyes, the only pain i felt was in the having to leave. Africa changes you, God changes you there. i believe that as followers of Christ we are to be His hands and feet all over this earth - to fight for justice where there is none, to equip and help develop communities, to love on babies and provide for widows - i also wholeheartadly agree that i need Africa more than Africa needs me. beautiful video, thanks again for posting! :)

  2. I watch this video often... it gives me that oh so needed glimpse into the place I love so much... Africa. I do need Africa. The weeks we spent there changed me forever and I can't go back to who I was before. I am always looking for ways to get back to the place I've realizes my heart belongs.

  3. oh, my! the song and dances are... something really unusual! thank you so much for posting this!


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