Miscellany Monday

I realize it is not Monday -- that it is Tuesday... but today is technically my Monday since I took the real Monday off - so...

{ONE} One week ago M turned 5 Months old!!!

{TWO} Loving these new additions to the Christmas tree this year representing our newest addition:

First two ornaments were made using this tutorial -- they are basically salt cookies!  All the grand & great grand parents got one.  So easy to make -- even M loved making them.

Second ornament was inspired by pinterest and made by my sweet high school friend Cori.  She recently started a shop, RaeLynn's Handmade Design, that sells such loveliness from custom designs like this to childrens' clothes to accessories. Right now she is only on facebook but will be opening an etsy shop soon.  Check her shop out HERE.

{THREE}  Seymour Christmas in Jackson was A+Mazing!... will work on pics soon, but here is one funny pic of M from the long weekend i just had to share:
What a Ham!! :)

{FOUR} Straight straight straight:

Have you heard of Hana hair Straighteners? Cause they're the bombdotcom.  Was super excited to have the opportunity to review one courtesy of Misikko.  Yes, I already have straight hair, but I love the way a good straightner like the hana not only calms the fly aways, but basically turns your hair to silk and like Olivia from For Me puts it -- gives you "diva straight" hair.  Most of y'all have heard of the chi hair straighter, the hana is very similar -- infact, i think better! Something else awesome about ordering a hana flat iron from Misikko is that it comes in a way awesome gift box that includes lip gloss, hair brush, two different cases for the hana, wet hair towel wrap, and some other way cool samples & such - with all that swag I felt like a VIP.  {p.s. please ignore the fact that I need to have my bangs trimmed in these photos}

{FIVE} I'm on pins and needles waiting from little baby Sandy A La Mode!


  1. AHH M is the most ADORABLE thing. wish I could hold her :)

    glad you love the straightener!! I just learned how to curl my hair with a flat iron.. still working out the kinks but its AWESOME and super fast! thats hana one is perf for it!!

  2. So sweeet! And, yes, I cannot wait for Sandy to have her baby. I can't believe she went into the office today. Urgh!

  3. hahha you are sooo cute girl!! thanks for the baby shoutout!!! i can't wait to have him either!!!!

  4. That onesie ornament: super ridiculously cute!

  5. Suggestion: I did the salt ornaments with my kids when they were young. About fifteen years later they rotted. I can't tell you how much it broke my heart! Speaking from experience, I would re-do them out of plaster of paris (and make an extra set) to guarantee that you will have them FOREVER! xoxo

  6. Baby in a box is too darn cute, lol!

    Merry Christmas... well belated Christmas :)

  7. You are adorable and so are the hand and foot prints of your darling Magnolia...love this! I hope your upcoming new year 2012 is magical!

    Liesl :)


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