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5 months! -- that's just about how long i've been a parent.. since WE've been parents.  David and I are Daddy & Mommy -- wait,... WHAT?!  Yes.  That still kinda freaks me out.  I'm a parent.  I have a sweet SWEET baby girl and I am married to her wonderful daddy.  Crazy of all Crazies & blessings of all blessings! This is for REAL and I LOVE it!

So much has happened over the last five months.  I am in love with being a mommy and ever more in love with my husband -- and because of each of these loves, ever more in love with my Savior.  He truly is blessing us richly!

My job at Covenant as the Assistant Middle School Youth Director is both amazingly fun and rewarding.  It weirds me out how perfect it is for both me and our family -- (why are we so weirded out - as if God didn't plan ALL things for our Good always!).  Shout out to any of my sweet middle school girls who might be reading this - Love y'all!!

Magnolia is a healthy TALKATIVE sweet baby love bunny.  We like to brag about her.  The nursery ladies at church all love her and dote on her.  At her 4month doctor's appointment the doc said she had the motor skills of a 6 month old.  She is still 90%+ in weight.  Her hair is growing.  She is sitting up mostly unassisted.  She is eating rice cereal (and starting tonight, green beans!)  She has discovered our french bulldog, Oscar, and finds him hilarious.  I can carry her on my hip -- (which freaks me out... again, wait WHAT? I'm a mom with a big kid?!?)  We are so excited to share in her first Christmas.  She loves the lights.  She gifts us with such a new kind of Christmas joy that neither David or I have experienced before.

This Sunday, the 18th, she is getting baptized!  I am beyond excited.  She will wear my gown.  At my church the congregation starts their ministry to the child by singing a song - we've picked Come Thou Fount, which is the same song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding.  All M's grandparents and most of her aunts & uncles will be there + sweet friends.  Man -- am I going to be a mess!  Someone please remind me to use waterproof mascara (for real, can someone please text or tweet me Sunday morning?)

The picture above is from this past weekend.  David surprised me with tickets to the Nashville Nutcracker.  Since my sister did ballet growing up and was always in the Knoxville Nutcracker, it was just a beautifully nostalgic afternoon.  It was also our first real date as parents!  Our sweet friend (perhaps M's future mother-in-law?) came over and watched Magnolia while we set out for the theater!  It's been a while since I've worn a dress & heals.  The ballet was beautiful.  Both David and I couldn't help but imagine Magnolia up on stage as one of the tiny little mice!

{photo from M's first photo shoot w/ Kelsey - more coming to the blog soon!}

I'm off to target with my little elf to get some white shoes for her baptism!... have a great day!


  1. So sweet! Love how you guys pictured her up on stage already. And I love Come Thou Font. One of my absolutely favorites!

  2. This is our first Christmas as parents as well, and, just like you, we are so very excited! Enjoy :)

  3. What a great 1st parents date! So glad you two had a chance to get away just you two for the evening. Sounds like it was wonderful.
    Your Magnolia is just beautiful!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. oh my gosh look how beatuiful she is. i want oneeee

  5. How exciting! :)
    It sounds like your life right now is just going so perfectly and everything is working out nicely for you! Awesome that your job, and being a mom, and everything is working out! Glad you enjoyed the ballet as well! :D

  6. I love that she's going to be baptized with the hymn played at your wedding. There is so much significance in that and I hope she grows up to treasure that song.

    Congratulations on the first five months! I've heard it only gets more awesome.

  7. so much love going on here! you have such a beautiful family!!!

  8. oh goodluck this sunday! And wow M is precious! xo

  9. She is absolutely gorgeous! Sooo cute I can't stop cooing!

    Dinx xoxo

  10. she is absoulty beautiful!


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