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It's a...

I saw these reveal pictures of my home town neighbor, Jennifer, on facebook and just had to share them with y'all.  Such a super cute & fun way to find out what the gender of a baby is!

Congrats Jen and family!  Y'all are just precious!!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This is a fantastic idea!!!!! I will definitely do this when I'm pregnant!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. So cute! My friend had a big reveal party to share the gender of her baby with everyone (including herself). She did it by passing an envelope with the results to a local baker, and the baker dyed the inside of a gorgeous cake either blue or pink. It was blue!

  3. So sweet! I love the look on his face! He was so thrilled to be getting a boy!

  4. How sweet! Congratulations! I just had a boy in October and they are such a blessing =)

  5. Oh wonderful news! cute pics for sure!

  6. These are adorable and I just love this idea...thank you for sharing them and congratulations to your friend!

    Liesl :)

  7. Aww this is such a great idea! Awesome shots too :)


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