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Y'all everybody get your diaries out and write this down - Blair McLeod cooked a recipe from Pioneer Woman.  She read the directions and made it step by step.  I know -- you are shocked.  If your jaw dropped go ahead and close your mouth... don't want you to catch flies.  But you heard/read me right, I did in fact make Pioneer Woman's vegetable lasagna.  And let me tell you what -- it actually was pretty easy.  My problem is that I'm lazy & don't like to read directions.  However when there are lots of pictures like PW does, I'm a bit more apt to comply.  Anywhooo-- it turned out pretty well.  Good thing because I made a ton & we'll be eating it all week!  (my pic makes it look kinda blah - hers make it look yum!... which it is!)

After dinner I attempted a dessert I had heard rumours about -- instead of oil/water/eggs, you add a can of diet coke to a box of brownie mix!  Less calories and is supposed to make a light fluffy cake-like brownie.  You just whisk it together and than cook regularly according to directions on the back of the box.  I gave it a whirl...

They weren't bad!  But they certainly weren't pretty (pretty ugly actually)!  They have a very light feel and you can actually distinguish the coke flavor, which I liked.  They were a bit spongey -- would have been good with a raspberry compote or something on top to add flavor and texture.  

Warning: if you are in the mood for brownies - don't make these.  They don't compare to the ooey gooey brownies.  If you are making these to indulge - add ice cream or berries or something.  These don't stand alone.

Dinner & dessert in one night...Raise your hand if you are impressed! (okay fine, i'll just raise my own hand...)


  1. PW's lasagna recipe is to die for! I need to make it again soon!

  2. I love Pioneer woman's website but I never actually made her recipes. That lasagna sounds amazing!

    I bet you are a fabulous cook.

  3. I have never commented before! But I wanted to share - try the can of diet coke with a box of chocolate cake mix. So moist and yummy! And I top it with fat free cool whip. :)

    Just wanted to share :)

  4. The lasagna looks divine, totally delish <3

  5. The lasagna looks heavenly. One of my favorite foods! :)


  6. Grrrr, now my tummy is grumbling! Come cook me some! :)

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  7. I am a huge fan of Diet Coke and have yet to try a soda cake, but this is a must!

    Liesl :)


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