Thankful for (in no particular order):

David  |  Magnolia  |  coffee  |  my computer  |  my job  |  jogging  |  my parents  |  my twin  |  SEC football  |  blogging  |  my women's small group at church  |  nursery workers  |  my OB  |  Jesus  |  health  |  my in laws  |  my future brother-in-law  |  cheese  |  j.crew sale rack  |  David's art  |  my house  |  the Bibile  |  cardigans  |  my car  |  Nashville  |  every single one of my kids at church  |  friends  |  feeling loved  |  music  |  Oscar  |  Americanos  |  my memory foam bed  |  my blog sponsors  |  that my parents don't live too far away  |  my college education  |  my hands & feet  |  my extended family  |  david's extended family  |  my trip to California this year  |  David's cooking  |  God's grace  |  our sectional sofa  |  my camera  |  healthy friends' babies  |  presents  |  my healthy pregnancy & labor  |  my thursday morning coffee/prayer pals  |  RUF hymns  |  breastfeeding  |  my boss  |  my last boss  |  Siloam  |  safety  |  David's clients  |  watching friday night lights with david on netflix  |  camp vesper point  |  camp friends  |  blankets  |  my iPhone  |  the fact that I have so much to be thankful for that i couldn't possibly complete this list  |  salvation

Got into "the ham" for Thanksgiving yesterday.  Taking it easy and enjoying family (and eating too much already).  Will be back on the blog next week.  I know it can be hard to step away from the keyboard & mouse of the blogworld sometimes - but I challenge you to take a break this week and really spend time absorbing all that is around you that you can be truly thankful! We'll all be here when you get back!


  1. :)
    This made me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

  2. It's a great idea to step away from the computer. Hmm.... maybe I should do that.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So great! Wonderful things to be thankful for. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. :)

    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. Love, love, love this! I'm posting a thankful post lovely! Happy, Happy Turkey Day...I hope Magnolia fully enjoys her first one!

    Liesl :)

  6. made a gratitude post myself, lovely list you made. xo

  7. happy thanksgiving girl!! yes, it feels good to unplug once in awhile!! :D


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