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goodies goodies goodies

Huge blogtastic thank you to Krysten {from why are girls so weird} for hosting & being my awesome partner in her Keep Warm Look Snazzy scarf swap!  She sent me a super cute scarf, autumn candle (which i burned while taking a bath with glass of wine), some yummy sea salt hot cocoa, and godiva chocolate yumminess (which i enjoyed in my anthro initial mug).  Wish I could get little packages everyday!  

*in addition to the swap, i'm linking up today with InstaFriday


  1. I definitely have that candle - and it smells like HEAVEN!!!

  2. Wouldn't it be amazing to get presents every day in the mail? Sounds like happiness to me!

    Glad you enjoyed the goodies!

  3. What great stuff! I've been enjoying looking around at what everyone got. And yes to receiving packages like this in the mail everyday!

  4. i love a good swap and a sweet partner-- seems like you enjoyed both <3 how cute are you with your initial mug!

  5. These pictures just scream warm and it! It has been raining and cold in LA LA Land and these are so perfect! I'm currently curled up listening to it with my fire and candles going! Perfect for a Sunday!

    Liesl :)

  6. So many sweet goodies! Packages in the mail are some of the best things in life:-) xoxo

  7. Oh I haven't participated in a swap in a LONG time! I would love to do one of those.

  8. Those are cute pictures!!! Love the mug!

  9. What an awesome collection of goodies!!
    Hope you and sweet baby are doing well!!!


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