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Thought I'd share a few things that I really dig.  Let me know if you dig them too -- maybe we are kindred spirits (speaking of which, i really dig Anne of Green Gables... but I digress).  In no particular order, I enjoy: 

Coffee.  I enjoy coffee... a lot!  Before i was pregnant i would go in spurts and then during pregnancy i for the most part stayed away from it -- now?... 2 cups every morning.  I think I could have decaf and like it just the same (i don't think i'm a caffeine addict) -- to me coffee is about the ritual of making it and then holding the warm mug in both hands right under your nose and then sipping it for so long your last sip is cold.  Add in some flavored creamers and you'll really make me happy.  Currently we have amaretto as well as peppermint mocha creamers in the fridge.  I sometime will mix it up and mix in honey, cinnamon, and heavy whipping cream into my jo.  What do I enjoy at starbucks? Great question!! I'm currently kinda obsessed with carmel americanos.  They are the bomb! And... surprisingly cheap (well, cheap as far as starbucks is concerned).  Sometimes, when I get in bed at night, i'm already excited about having coffee in the morning.  mmmm coffee!  If you are sipping some coffee as you read this, leave me some love!  What's your coffee poison?

Parenthood.  I enjoy Parenthood... and while I do of couse love being a mommy, I'm talking this time about the tv show.  Have you seen it?  It is the one show that D and I make a point to watch every week.  And it is safe to say that at least one of us probably cries every other episode or so.  I love how real this show is.  Its about a real family without being over inflated with politics & trying to be pc.  Not to be cheesy -- but it for real inspires & challenges me as a parent.  Plus added bonus... the music!  I have been introduced to so many great artists through the songs played on this show.  To the peeps in charge of this show -- well done & keep up the good work!!

Pinning.  I enjoy pinning... 'nough said am I right? Ok -- I'll say one more thing - my favorite board is my DIY/Recipe "to do one day" board. and i WILL do it ALL one day... (are their crafts in heaven, cause that might end up being the day I actually get to these).  I also may or may not have pinned a Christmas list to santa...

Okey dokey -- those are just a couple of the things I am enjoying these days.  Want to know anything else specific I am enjoying? -- feel free to ask away.

{Enjoy the last day of November!}


  1. kindred spirits. yes. {love anne of green gables too}. i drink my coffee every morning as much for the experience as the caffeine. i put white chocolate powder in mine. and parenthood is the ONLY show i watch on television. love it.

  2. I LOVE pinning & Parenthood and I'm wheeeeening myself off coffee but I did love it a few months ago :)

  3. I am loving pinning and parenthood. Although I haven't seen Parenthood's new season but me and the hubs would watch it every week religiously.

  4. i love coffee so much.i could drink 6 glasses of coffee a day. but now i'm reducing it, and combining with hot went to 3 glasses of hot chocolate and 1 or 2 glasses of coffee a day.but now, it's already 3 glasses of coffee and 1 glass of hot chocolate a day.i can't get too much of coffee ;P

  5. LOVE coffee and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE parenthood. Best show on TV (now that Friday Night Lights is gone).

  6. Well, as you can imagine, I don't do Starbucks. I do start my day just as you suggest; A nice warm cup under my nose, up close so as to smell the melange of Espresso and sweet, freshly steamed milk. I try to pause and sit quietly for a few minutes with the first one. Sometimes a good book on my lap, sometimes the Bible and (yes, sometimes) even the ipad on my lap w/ Facebook open. What ever the diversion, savoring my coffee is an important part of the first few minutes of every day. B, Stop in to see us at the Coffee House next time you're in Maryville.

  7. Coffee, yes. I'm on my 3rd cup, although I usually only have one. Caramel Macchiattos from Starbucks are my favorite!

  8. Parenthood! It's so good. I didn't really start watching until the end of last season and I've seen every episode this season. I cry so much! The father daughter stuff pull my heart strings so much! It also has a great soundtrack.

  9. Oh, we are sooo kindred spirits, I'll be your Diana any day:) First, lets talk about my love of Anne of Green Gables and how my family had a summer house on PEI- I spent an amazing 22 summers there...and made sure I went and saw the play every year! Coffee, yes please- the stronger the better! Parenthood is my new obsession, right up there with Modern Family! And I just can't get enough of Pinterest. The poor husband has to take a back seat some nights because I'm too busy getting new ideas...but he does get some tasty meals out of it!!

  10. Oooh girl, I hear ya on the coffee! I could probably do decaf as well and not know the difference :) Love my mornings with the little one in sight and coffee in my hands! I love parenthood, too! My husband and sister won't get into it with me, so I really only watch it when they have other things to do ;) Hope you're having a blessed week!

  11. Coffee!! I have to have my 2 cups every single morning. And it has to be Dunkin Donuts. Nothing else. I take it normal w/1/2 and 1/2 and love holding onto it, and sipping just like you. Nothing makes my morning happier than my coffee..haha (I'm passionate about it, clearly!)

    I love Anne of Green Gables too. Watched it all the time growing up. I was disappointed in their latest movie though, with them being at war. =/
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  12. I too love coffee, a nice, fun, cozy cup like the one you pictured and pinning...I'm obsessed! I too could be on it all day and now spend each night in bed on my laptop pinning away until my battery starts to run down or I just need to go to sleep! :)

    Liesl :)


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