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Hello blog world!  Sitting here today stumped about what to blog about and wondering what it is YOU like to see/read here.  Are you over inundated with pictures of the beautiful Magnolia?  Wishing I would write more?  What about? Have something you are dying to know about me? Have questions about blogging, being a new mom, life, my beliefs, marriage, my movie suggestions?  Help a sista out & do please share!  What do you like most about Wild & Precious?  Anything really jerk your chain that makes you want to not stick around?  Today is the day!  Give me your honest opinions/questions/encouraging words/suggestions/etc.  I've switched my settings (just for a day or two) to allow for anonymous comments so don't be scared.  I'm super excited to get your feedback and tackle your questions!



  1. Nope! I love your blog and everything that's in it!

  2. I love how you write like your train of thought (or stream of consciousness?). it's real and great. pictures are awesome. which i guess is a part of your blog. updates on the baby are great, movie reviews would be cool, the interior designing type blog posts (like the baby nursery)are also great and maybe some on your faith? keep it up!

  3. I like that this is really just you sharing who you are. Your design ideas, your family, your faith. Its honest and sincere. Never coming from a place of competitiveness, but just "this is who I am and I thought I'd share".
    I really love that it's not like so many other blogs out there with a giveaway every single day that you have to jump through hoops to enter and there isn't very often any blog content.
    This blog is positive and a huge encouragement. A motivation to seek happy days.

  4. I know I've been hitting a bit of a mental block outside of my baby too. But honestly, it is nice to read about your experience with Magnolia because there are other young moms who are encouraged by what you are writing and older moms too who get a smile out of our stories. =) (btw, love your breastfeeding is fashionable button -amen!) And it is really nice to see Magnolia growing up even though I've never meet you/her/your family in person!

  5. As a new mom as well, I'd love to see you channel your new mommyhood: write about mom fashion, good mommy reads, good online finds for little girl clothes, good music that you're into, and generally how you balance being a fashionable woman with interests outside of your kids while also relishing in your new job as a mom/wife/daughter/friend/partner.

  6. This kind of goes for most blogs I enjoy reading, but I love original pictures. Don't get me wrong I love pinterest and all, but I usually have already seen what's on there. I really enjoy seeing real life pictures and experiences on lifestyle blogs. That inspires me the most =)


  7. I love it just the way it is. perfect.

  8. hey girl, just stumbled across your lovely blog and i am lovin' it! i wouldn't change a thing! being new to your blog, i'm not sure if you've answered this before, but my question is: what made you start blogging?
    xo TJ

  9. I love reading a variety of blogs and topics but I especially gravitate towards everyday stories and/or experiences. I really enjoy seeing pictures of outings/activities/projects someone is working on. I also keep my eyes peeled for DIY of ALL KINDS! I tend to shy away from outfit posts because individual style is so unique and not really copy-able, in my opinion. :)

  10. you got some great feedback here! Keep up the great work Blair, its great seeing what inspires you and makes YOU happy every day!

    ps: How can guys not like Margaux!? CRAZY!

  11. LOVE love love it! Do what you're doing best! Also, I love this photo of the desk...somehow super clean even though it's got lots of stuff around it.

    xo chanel

  12. I love your blog! I would love a post about your parenting style! What is your philosophy or your beliefs about parenting - what's most important to you? You seem like such a cool mamma & I'd love to know more about things like that! :)

  13. I happen to love all your blog posts, but especially all your picture posts of you, your little one, adventures and everything in between!

    Liesl :)


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